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I know I did promise you the second part of our story about the European Heritage Days in our last post of the series “Life in Paris”, but something quite a bit more exciting has come up very recently. Very exciting for me at least. So last week when Moritz and I had just gotten off the train in Arras (you will find a post about our day spent at Arras soon on travelux), I received an email by my university offering the opportunity to sign up to a speech given by the French president Macron. So I immediately put down my details and pressed sent…but without a response about the outcome I assumed I had already been too late. Spots like these are gone within seconds at university so you have to be very, very quick. But a day later I received an official invitation by the Elysée palace to attend Macron’s speech on the future of Europe given at Sorbonne University.

Sorbonne Université

Sorbonne Université

Therefore, this Tuesday, instead of attending my very boring lecture about statistics and policy analysis I spent a full afternoon at Sorbonne University. The event was set to start at 3pm and we were requested to arrive early for security screening…well let’s say we all did manage to be there early, but that only created a very long queue along Boulevard Saint Germain. After a good half an hour of waiting we finally got in and passed three different people checking our bags and identities.


Sorry about the blurry picture!

Long story short, I was very excited to hear the French president speak and am glad he chose such a special venue for it. The grand amphitheatre with its philosophers carved out of stone was simply impressive! And while I only understood some bits and bobs about what he was saying (yes, I really need to improve my French), his enthusiam for the European idea was notable despite all language barriers. #FutureofEurope

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