Transportation in Cardiff

Transportation in Cardiff is quite straightforward. The backbone of the transportation system in Cardiff is the bus. In this guide, we’ll tell you all you need to know about transportation in Cardiff.

Cardiff, as many other British cities, doesn’t have a tram or trolleybus network anymore. While there was one in the early 20th century, Cardiff is focusing on the bus network for decades now. In addition to the bus network, there are several national rail routes including services to Scottland, London as well as several other parts of England, including the South.

Cardiff Train

There are also a few local train services, which might be considered public transportation in Cardiff itself. Arriva Train Wales serves 20 small stations in the city as well as the two hubs Cardiff Central and Queen Street.

Buses in Cardiff

The public transportation network in Cardiff is compromised by several dozen bus lines, which are connecting stops in the city center with each other as well as suburbs with the city. Lines 1 & 2 are circle lines in the city center, which are running the same route clockwise and anti-clockwise. There are also a couple of express lines, operating on very important routes between Cardiff and its suburbs.

Cardiff Bus

The airport is connected with the city through line T9. However, this line is not a normal bus line and comes with a different fare system and a different operator. The rest of the bus system is very easily explained and also shares the very same fare system. Single Tickets for transportation in Cardiff only are just 1.80 GBP (~2 Euro / US-Dollar), while a day ticket can be had for only 3.60 GBP (~4 Euro / US-Dollar).

Taxis in Cardiff

An alternative to buses in Cardiff are taxis. However, those are way more expensive than buses. Thus, you might only take a taxi if you find it worth the premium. Generally, taxis in Cardiff are comfortable, quick and safe. The base fare for taxis usually is 2.50 GPB, while every further kilometer is charged between 1 and 1.50 GBP.

Cardiff Taxi

If you are going to the airport, a taxi is approximately four times more than the bus. As an alternative, there’s also Uber in Cardiff. Fares are a little lower than for taxis and the service and quality are pretty much similiar.

Other means of transportation in Cardiff

Cardiff isn’t that much of a touristic hotspot, but there are some other means of transportation worth noting. That’s including city bikes, which you can get at certain spots throughout the city.

Cardiff Sightseeingbus

Additionally, there’s a sightseeing bus operating with a hop-on-hop-off system. Last but not least, you might do some boat tours in the Cardiff Bay or take a ferry to one of the smaller islands near Cardiff.

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