Hotel Review: InterContinental Adelaide

The InterContinental Adelaide is a luxury hotel located in the fifth biggest city in Australia. The property comes with a great location, very good breakfast, but feels a little dated at the same time.

If you are looking for a hotel next to the train station, then the InterContinental Adelaide is the perfect choice. But even besides that, I really enjoyed the location with the river, the stadium and the arts and culture district right at the doorstep.

InterContinental Adelaide Lobby

Lobby of the InterContinental Adelaide

In addition, the InterContinental Adelaide is a skyscraper. This means that you can enjoy a stunning view from most rooms.

Riverside Room at the InterContinental Adelaide

As an InterContinental Ambassador, I was upgraded to a Riverside Room.

InterContinental Adelaide Riverside Room View

View from the Riverside Room

That meant that I was to enjoy the somewhat nicer view. Upon entering the room, I was immediately intrigued by the somewhat special shape of the room (of all rooms at the property to be precise).

InterContinental Adelaide Riverside Room

Riverside Room at the InterContinental Adelaide

There are a little more corners than usual, what makes the rooms at the InterContinental Adelaide somewhat interesting. Upon entering, there’s a small dressing area with a large wardrobe.

From this area, you may either enter the bathroom or the bedroom. The latter is an octagon and has the King Bed as the center piece.

Other than that, there’s a couch underneath a mirror, a working desk with a basic chair by the window and a dresser with the television on it. You can find the well equipped minibar in this area, too.

Yet, there’s no coffee machine. The view of the area is quite nice, but I found the room to feel a little dark from time to time.

Bathroom of the Riverside Room

I’ve already mentioned that I find the InterContinental Adelaide to be a little dated. You can see that in the bathroom as well, but that’s not meant in a bad way.

InterContinental Adelaide Riverside Room Bathroom

Bathroom of the Riverside Room

Yet, the style of the bathroom just reminds me of other times. It’s full of marble in a very strong color and comes with a rather basic equipment, for a luxury hotel at least. There’s a single sink, a toilet as well as a bathtub with a decent shower head (great pressure) as well as a shield (at least no shower curtain).

Toiletries at the IC Adelaide are provided by Agraria, as it is the norm for the brand.

Breakfast at the InterContinental Adelaide

As I was out in the evening, I didn’t have the chance to try any food at the InterContinental Adelaide, despite breakfast. The latter was included in my rate.

InterContinental Adelaide Breakfast

Breakfast at the InterContinental Adelaide

It is served in the bright and nice restaurant on lobby level. Upon entering, you are asked for your room number and then seated by the staff. I was immediately asked for coffee and juice, which speaks for the very good service. The buffet spread at the IC Adelaide is quite good as well.

There are all kinds of fruits, veggies, cheeses, cold cuts, juices, yoghurts, pastries, bread rolls etc. In addition, you can order eggs any style from the kitchen.

InterContinental Adelaide Breakfast

Egg’s Benedict at the IC Adelaide

I had egg’s benedict, which I enjoyed very much. All in all, a very good breakfast.

Pool & Gym at the InterContinental Adelaide

One of the aspects I like the most about InterContinental Adelaide is that they also most everywhere come with a very good gym. That’s true for the location in Adelaide as well. I actually liked the gym more than, for example, at the InterContinental Sydney.

While it is not the brightest gym or the one with the best views, it is spacious, well equipped for cardio and strength training and also in a good shape. Towels and water are provided free of charge. Additionally, the InterContinental Adelaide offers an outdoor swimming pool, which I found a little fresh in August.

Around the pool you can also find some loungers. Overall, a nice area for a quick dip, but maybe not for sunbathing.

Overall impression of the InterContinental Adelaide

There’s not a single area where the InterContinental Adelaide really “shines”. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed my stay at the property. The rooms are spacious and interesting, the view is very nice and breakfast is way above average.

InterContinental Adelaide Ambassador Treatment

Ambassador Treatment at the InterContinental Adelaide

In addition, there’s a good gym and a nice pool. All in all, I’d recommend staying at the property when in Adelaide and would actually prefer it over the Hilton Adelaide.

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