Review: Tigerair Australia

Tigerair Australia is a low-cost carrier operating mainly domestic routes in Australia. The airline offers very affordable fares, but is pretty much no frills. Nevertheless, I didn’t find my experience too bad as you’ll read in this review.

During my time in Australia, I had the chance to fly with Qantas, Virgin Australia, Air New Zealand and Tigerair. As you’d expect, the Tigerair flight wasn’t exactly the most amazing. But as I had to book a flight pretty much last minute, Tigerair was by far the best choice to fly from Sydney to Melbourne. And, honestly, reviewing a new product is always somewhat amazing to me.

Seating in a Tigerair Australia Airbus A320

Tiger Australia has a fleet of only Airbus A320 aircrafts. This allows passengers to enjoy the same level of comfort on all aircrafts. As it’s the norm for low-cost-carriers, Tigerair Australia offers several options to buy seat reservations, priority boarding etc. prior to your flight.

Cabin of the Tigerair Australia Airbus A320

I went for the priority boarding to have a chance to take some decent pictures. The cabin is in a typical 3-3 configuration with a tight 29 Inch seat pitch. While the cabin doesn’t actually look luxurious, it doesn’t look cheap either.

The seats are typical cloth seats with quite some padding, making them relatively comfortable. The whole interior of the aircraft reminded me a lot of EasyJet.

Seat Pitch in the Tigerair Airbus A320

However, I was a little upset by other passengers, who were totally rude, especially during boarding. One of the problems of cheap fares, I suppose.

Catering at Tigerair Australia

When it comes to catering, Tigerair Australia is a typical low-cost carrier. There is no such thing as included drinks or food. Instead, you may purchase an extensive selection of drinks and snacks from the buy-on-board menu.

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Additionally, you may book some combos during the online booking process with a discount. I had pre-ordered a breakfast, which consisted of yoghurt, fruits and orange juice. What I got was a little disappointing, but I’ll let the picture speak for itself.

Tigerair Australia Snack

Tigerair Breakfast Combo

So, yeah, you shouldn’t expect any haute cuisine when flying Tigerair Australia, but at least the prices are fair and the offerings extensive.

Entertainment when flying Tigerair Australia

If we don’t take the rude and somewhat even funny behavior of some passengers, entertainment is rather limited at Tigerair Australia. There are some entertaining pages in the menu, all about “selling” and “advertising”.

Then there is also a quite decent boarding magazine, for a low-cost carrier at least.

Other than that, there’s no Wi-Fi, there are no power ports, there are no tv’s, there’s basically nothing. So better bring your own entertainment or just look out of the window (if you are lucky enough to snag a window seat).

Overall impression of Tigerair Australia

Tigerair Australia is a true low-cost carrier and definitely doesn’t offer a great flight experience. However, I didn’t find my flight too bad as well. The seats are comfortable enough, the seat pitch is tight, but not too bad and the catering offerings are extensive. When buying a couple of add-ons, including priority boarding and a better seat, flying Tigerair Australia can be totally okay. If the fare difference to Qantas and Virgin is huge, I wouldn’t hesitate booking Tigerair again.

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  2. “I was a little upset by other passengers, who were totally rude” – I submit to you that the airlines, especially the budget airlines, are de-humanizing people in many ways and when people are de-humanized they resort to a survivor instinct which means social norms go away.

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