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It’s been about a week since I’ve told you about my visit of the OECD Headquarters in ‘Life in Paris’ series. After sharing with you my experience of attending Macron’s speech about the future of Europe, I now want to go back to continue with the European Heritage Days!

French National Assembly 2

French National Assembly

On the second day of the European Heritage Days, Moritz and I decided to check out the French National Assembly located in the 7th arrondissement. The National Assembly is the lower house of the French parliament and consists of 577 députés.

French National Assembly 3

When we arrived at the French National Assembly situated in Parlais Borbon in the late afternoon, there was unsurprisingly a huge queue in front of it. So while we were still trying to decided whether we wanted to wait in line or not, we walked around the barriers and found another entrance on the left side which seemed to be slightly less busier. We still ended up waiting around 25-30 minutes. The clouds above us kept on getting darker and darker and we just about missed the heavy rainfall that was about to start.


Upon entering the building, we had to go through an extensive security check (similar to the one in airports) and then got to tour through the building and garden ourselves. The most impressive part of the building, in my opinion was the library. Its ceilings were for example painted by Eugène Delacroix. What I truly love about these French institutions is the historical and artistic charm they spread. Despite renovations and modernisation, many historic artefacts were added to the Assembly’s collection.

The meeting hall of the deputies of the French National Assembly is referred to as the  Hemicycle Amphitheatre. It was originally built in the second half of the 18th century and during later rennovations allowed to keep its original shape despite poor accoustics in the chamber.

Have you ever been able to visit the French National Assembly? What was your impression of its architecture?

Next time, we’ll be back with some posts about our recent day trips away from Paris!

A biêntot, 

Anna et Moritz


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