Hotel Review: Due Torri Hotel Verona

The Due Torri Hotel Verona is one of the most prestigious luxury hotels in the North of Italy. In this review, I’ll show you what you can expect of a stay in this historic property.

Being a member of the Leaders Club, choosing the Due Torri Hotel Verona for my stay in the beautiful Italian town was quite an obvious choice. The hotel is located in the historic city center and is just a quick five to ten minute-walk to most important spots in Verona, including the Arena.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Deluxe Room
  • Month of Stay: January

My first impression of the Due Torri Hotel Verona, which is a historic building, was great. The lobby is quite beautiful as well.

Yet, the check-in was a little cold. Sadly, that seems to be the norm for hotels in Italy.

Deluxe Room at the Due Torri Hotel Verona

As a Leaders Club member, I got a one category upgrade to a Deluxe Room. This category is relatively basic and comes with approximately 25 square meters.

Due Torri Hotel Verona Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room at the Due Torri Hotel Verona

Upon entering the room, there’s the bathroom to the right. Continuing into the room, you’ll immediately see the spacious and comfortable King Bed to the right. On both sides of the bed, there are two night stands.

Opposite of the bed, you can find a flat-screen telvision, an armchair as well as a working desk with a rather basic chair.

While I found the colors and design of the room quite odd, it’s at least quite authentic. The style of the Deluxe Room at the Due Torri Hotel Verona definitely isn’t my favorite, but you’ll definitely not feel like staying at a chain hotel here either. The view of the roofs of historic Verona isn’t bad either.

Due Torri Hotel Verona Deluxe Room View

Additionally, the hotel offered quite a nice welcome treatment.

Especially the local cake was a lovely touch.

Bathroom of the Deluxe Room

Speaking of odd design, the bathroom of the Deluxe Room at the Due Torri Hotel Verona was… well, special. While not very big, it felt very luxurious with a sink, a toilet, a bidet and a shower-tub combo.

Due Torri Hotel Verona Deluxe Room Bathroom

Bathroom of the Deluxe Room

Especially the golden fittings made the bathroom feel like from another century. The tons of marble didn’t hurt either.

Once again, the whole design at the Due Torri Hotel Verona isn’t my taste, but I found it to perfectly match this particular hotel.

Breakfast at the Due Torri Hotel Verona

The Due Torri Hotel Verona offers a very good restaurant, where also breakfast is served. As I enjoyed dinner outside the hotel both evenings, I only tried breakfast.

Due Torri Hotel Verona Breakfast

Breakfast Set-Up at the Due Torri Hotel Verona

The historic setting is great and the service is very attentive, while not very warm. The hotel offers a combination of a buffet and à la carte options. However, the latter come with a steep extra charge. The buffet itself offers very high quality as well, including a couple of hot options.

I’ll mostly let the pictures speak for themselves, but the buffet really has everything you might look forward to enjoying from fresh fruits to cakes, yoghurts, salmon, cold cuts and cheeses.

The taste of the cold options was great, while the hot options were just okay (as it’s the norm for not freshly prepared hot eggs etc.).

Bottom line Due Torri Hotel Verona

Overall, I enjoyed my stay at the Due Torri Hotel Verona. While the hotel’s design might not be for everyone, the atmosphere and design totally fits into the setting and the location. That aside, the hotel offers a very good location in Verona, comfortably appointed rooms with luxurious bathrooms and a very good breakfast. However, the value for the money isn’t all that great as the Due Torri Hotel is very expensive in summer. Additionally, extras at the hotel (including room service, minbar and the restaurant) are overpriced. The lack of a gym or any sort of relaxation facilities is a little disappointing, too.

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