Life in Paris

Pont Yssoir Le Mans

Bonjour travellers, 

This episode of Life in Paris will be a little shorter, but that’s just because we will present you the lovely town of Le Mans again in a more expensive post. For now, I’d like to get you an idea on why a day trip to Le Mans can be totally worth it.

Le Mans Cathedrale

Le Mans is located West of Paris and can be reached with a TGV in just around 50 minutes, non-stop from Gare Montparnasse. Like me, you can just jump on a train and enjoy a day trip. Another option for a day trip would be Versailles.

Gare du Mans

Le Mans is not only known for its famous motor race, but also its historic old town. The highlight is, without any doubt, the massive cathedral. Yet, I generally enjoyed strolling through the historic city center. Another lovely part of Le Mans is the little park along the river.


We’ll have a more extensive city guide about Le Mans here on traveluxblog in a couple of weeks. Yet, I thought it’s worth sharing some impressions from my day trip in our ‘Life in Paris’. Stay tuned for more posts like this, including the cities of Arras and Angers.


When in Paris, did you do any day trips? Which cities around the capital did you enjoy most?

A bientôt,

Anna et Moritz

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