Lounge Review: United Club London Heathrow

The United Club London Heathrow might be the biggest surprise for any traveller out there. Why? Because it is by far superior to any other United Club in the world. In this review, we’ll give you an idea why spending some time at the United Club is actually very enjoyable.

If you have been to United Clubs in the US, you know that these are not really good, to put it mildly. However, the outstations are far superior. Be it Tokyo Narita or London Heathrow. The latter lounge is also one of the newest in the network and thus is especially great. If you are still looking for alternatives, there are also a Lufthansa Business and Senator Lounge, an Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge and a Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Lounge in the same terminal of London Heathrow.

Seating in the United Club London Heathrow

The United Club London Heathrow is very spacious and basically consists of one very large room with several partitions. The whole Club is extremely modern and stylish and feels like a spot you like to hang out.

United Club London Heathrow Seating

Seating in the United Club London Heathrow

There are dozens of different seating arrangements, from long boards with plugs for working to dining tables to couches to more relaxed seating to bar-style seating and so on.

Due to the many partitions, the different areas feel semi-private and thus allow you to enjoy some privacy.

Something that makes the United Club London Heathrow especially great is the big window front, which stretches from one end to another.

While the view is quite obstructed, you can spot some airplanes in the distance. One of the highlights of the United Club is the bar, which is right on the window front.

United Club London Heathrow Seating

Bar of the United Club London Heathrow

Stylish, clean and comfortable. That’s how the United Club London Heathrow is best summed up.

Buffet of the United Club London Heathrow

Not only the whole design of the United Club London Heathrow is stunning, the buffet is great, too. When thinking of a United Club, you most likely have packed cheese and crackers in mind. However, at the United Club London, you’ll find an amazing buffet.

United Club London Heathrow Buffet

Buffet of the United Club London Heathrow

The main buffet area comes with several options from snacks like finger sandwiches and whole fruits to more substantial food like salads, lasagna, fried noodles, curry, fried vegetables and much more.

There’s also a very nice dessert buffet with several tasty options. Drinks are available at this buffet, the bar (alcoholic drinks are free of charge) or the secondary buffet.


The latter comes with some specials, including lemonade, sirup and more. All in all, I found the meal and drink options (including an Illy coffee machine) at the United Club London to be amazing.

Entertainments & Showers at the United Club London

Something American carriers usually do well are the entertainment options in lounges. That’s true for the United Club London Heathrow, too. There is a decent selection of daily newspapers and a few magazines, nearly all in English. Then there are several work areas with dozens of international plugs and USB chargers, something I highly appreciate.

United Club London Heathrow Seating

Several reas of the lounge are great for working and charging devices

Throughout the United Club, you can enjoy fast and easily accessible Wi-Fi, which even allows streaming on your laptop or phone.

It’s also worth noting that the United Club London Heathrow offers several shower rooms, where you can refresh before your flight. I had a quick shower and really enjoyed the modern and spacious shower room.

Not only was it spotlessly clean, but the rain shower was great as well. Toiletries in the shower rooms of the United Club are provided by cowshed. More amenities are available by request.

Bottom line United Club London Heathrow

The United Club London Heathrow was a very positiv surprise. While all Star Alliance Lounges at London Heathrow are great, the United Club might actually be my favorite one. The lounge is modern, spacious and bright and offers an amazing buffet with lots of tasty and even healthy options. The decent entertainment selection, good Wi-Fi and nice shower rooms are great as well. All in all, I wouldn’t hesitate spending my layover at the United Club London Heathrow. It’s a great lounge for sure!

Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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