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With Moritz recent work trip to Cracow, a friend of mine visiting and a busy university schedule it has taken me some time to get around writing this new ‘Life in Paris’ post. In the same week that Moritz was able to sneak in a day trip to Le Mans, we also visited Arras and Angers.

Place des Heros Arras

Place des Heros

Arras is located in Northern France and belongs to the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. It is about an hour away from Gare du Nord in Paris and thus easily reachable with the TGV.

Citadelle d'Arras Museum


The city of Arras is well known for its beautiful architecture, but was not overrun at all when we visited. The inner city centre and the main plaza reminded us very much of our time in Belgium. That is probably not so surprising given the fact that it was actually founded by a Belgic tribe and is located close to the border.

As there are quite a few important sites to visit in Arras including the squares, Cathedral, town hall and the Citadel, we will feature Arras in an extensive City Guide at a later point. For now, enjoy the beautiful pictures of our little day trip and let us know what you have been up to travelwise lately.

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