Looking Back

While November is approaching, the temperature in Western Europe makes it feel like summer. Thus, it’s time to travel a bit! Last week, we shared impressions from trips to France and more. Next week, there’s even more on the radar. So stay tuned and enjoy the content on traveluxblog!

We started the week at the InterContinental Carlton Cannes. Our impressions!

Due Torri Hotel Verona

Looking for a hotel in Verona? Here’s our hotel review featuring the Due Torri Hotel Verona!

Grand Hotel Cannes Prestige Room

More impressions from Cannes. Here’s what to expect of Le Grand Hotel Cannes.

Le Mans Cathedrale

What a beautiful day trip. Our new Life in Paris post features Le Mans!

United Club London Heathrow

Maybe the best United Lounge in the world. Our review of the United Club London Heathrow!

Vistadome Coach

How to get to Machu Picchu? Here’s our review of the Vistadome Train!

Istanbul Sultanahmet Square

What a beautiful city. Check out our new Istanbul City Guide!

Citadelle d'Arras Gate

Yet another day trip! This Life in Paris episode features Arras!


Stunning nature in Cornwall. How do you like our new photo of the week?

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