Running in Melbourne

Running in Melbourne was a very enjoyable experience. Why? Because Melbourne is in fact one of the nicest metropolises for running. In this guide, I’ll help you to get an idea on why you should go running in the Australian city as well!

Regular readers of this blog know that I actually prefer a run along the river or in nature to just running on the streets. Melbourne is especially amazing in this regard as it has a river with a very promenade as well as one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world, the Royal Botanical Garden Melbourne.

  • Distance: 6.5 Kilometers
  • Jogged alititude: 95  Meters
  • Calories burned: 375-425
  • Month: August
  • Weather: Sunny / Cloudy

All that in conjunction with the fact that the weather was quite decent for running, it was all set up for an enjoyable run!

Alexandra Gardens and the Yarra River

As I’ve been staying at the Quay West Suites Melbourne for my two nights in the city, I started my run a little South of the city center. Yet, I was lucky enough to first enjoy a stunning view of the skyline before entering the Alexandra Gardens.

Those are basically a lovely park along the Yarra River. Here, you can find several rowing clubs and such. The whole area feels very enjoyable and relaxed.

When continuing along the Yarra River in the Southern direction, the area gets a little more industrial, but there is still a nice promenade.

Basically, you can run along the Yarra River on a nice promenade for ages.

Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne

If you didn’t read my special on the Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne, now it is the time to check it out. In this running guide, I’ll just briefly let you know that it’s an amazing space to go for a run.

Not only are the Royal Botanical Gardens extremely big, but they also come with beautiful running pathes, lots of space and are free to enter. During my run, I went to several different areas of the park, including the big lake and several country themed areas.

However, it really doesn’t matter where exactly you go as the Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne are a beautiful place in general.

Melbourne Observatorium and the Shrine of Remembrance

After running through the Royal Botanical Gardens, I was heading back to the Quay West Suites Melbourne. Yet, on the way I passed the beautiful Melbourne Observatorium and the fascinating Shrine of Remembrance, both of which I’ve spoken in more detail about in my Melbourne City Guide.

All in all, running in Melbourne was extremely enjoyable. I can just recommend going for a run yourself. Even if it’s just a walk, you’ll definitely enjoy it in this area of Melbourne!


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  1. Melbourne’s a great place to run, particularly alongside the Yarra river. However, I much prefer to run (or cycle) alongside the sea shore.

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