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Hello and welcome back to our Life in Paris series! At the end of September a close friend of mine came for a visit, while Moritz was on his business trip to Cracow. As I don’t have many university courses on Fridays, we decided to use the beautiful sunny weather to visit Notre-Dame.


As most of you probably know, Notre-Dame is a old Catholic cathedral in the fourth arrondissement, located on a little “island” in the Seine. It is one of the most prominent examples of French Gothic architecture.



Notre-Dame can be visited for free, but is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Paris and thus the queue is hugely very long. We were lucky to beat the crowds and made it to the cathedral just before it was starting to get busy. The cathedral is very impressive from the inside, but also very dark, something I do not particularly like about cathedrals. What I really liked, however, are its colorful stained glass windows.

Notre-Dame view

After a brief walk through the cathedral, we exited again and walked around the left side of the Notre-Dame to find the entrance for the towers. There’s a little machine, where you can pick an available time for a visit. We managed to get one within ten minutes. As EU citizens under 26, we received free entrance for this and started to climb up the stairs (it is quite steep).

Upstairs we were rewarded with a beautiful panoramic view of Paris. Due to the great weather we got to take some really nice pictures. I personally find this view much nicer than the one you can have from Montmatre, because Notre-Dame is very centrally located so you see many sights and beautiful architecture from up there.

From Notre-Dame we made a quick trip to the Jardin des Plantes (Botanical Garden) in the 5th arrondissement.

Next time, you will hear more from Moritz about his little day trip to Poitiers!

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