Life in Paris

Place du Mairie Poitiers

Bonjour travellers, 

After Anna presented you with new impressions from visiting Notre-Dame in Paris, I’m back to share my impressions of visiting Poitiers, which is a great destination for a day trip. While we’ll have a more extensive city guide here on traveluxblog as well, I’ll inititally share my impressions here.

Mairie de Poitiers

As a regular reader, you are aware that I’m trying to discover as many places in France as possible during our time here in Paris. Poitiers, known not only for good weather, but also for its beautiful and historic old town was an obvious choice though.

Mairie de Poitiers

Luckily, my visit was blessed with lots of sunshine and generally amazing weather. This added even more beauty to the city of Poitiers with its beautiful buildings, of which the Town Hall and the Cathedral are the highlights for sure.

Poitiers Cathedral

Spending just a couple of Poitiers was great and I can just recommend doing the same when in Paris and having a few days to explore the surroundings. Other interesting day trips are Angers, Arras and Le Mans. If you want to learn more about Poitiers, stay tuned for our city review!

Viaduc Leon Blum Poitiers

When in Paris, did you do any day trips? Which cities around the capital did you enjoy most?

A bientôt,

Anna et Moritz

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