Looking Back

We’re currently on a trip to the South of France and in just a few days, I’m departing to Canada! Yet, there was quite some interesting stuff happening last week, too. This included a quick trip to Strasbourg and several new guides and reviews we released here on traveluxblog! Enjoy our last week’s content and feel free to let us know whether there is anything we could do better.

Crowne Plaza Heidelberg Pool

Not a bad option to stay in Heidelberg. Impressions of the Crowne Plaza Heidelberg!

Hilton Frankfurt Airport Executive Suite Bedroom

Great for an overnight stay at the airport: Our review of the Hilton Frankfurt Airport!

JAL Sakura Lounge Tokyo Narita Satellite Seating

An enjoyable place to hang out before your flight. Our review of the JAL Sakura Lounge Tokyo!

Notre-Dame view

A new episode of ‘Life in Paris’. Anna is taking you to Notre Dame!

Brisbane Airport Dining

Planning a trip to Australia? Here’s our Brisbane Airport Guide!

Hoi An Phab Bao Temple

What a beautiful city: Our new city guide featuring Hoi An in Vietnam!

Poitiers Cathedral

Another episode of ‘Life in Paris’. I’m taking you to beautiful Poitiers!


What a lovely bird! Here’s our photo of the week ‘Solitary’!

2 Comments on “Looking Back

  1. Hey where are you going to visit in Canada and how long you are there for? I live in Toronto but currently make my way to Patagonia. Have fun and stay warm!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s actualy a rather short trip, just for three nights. I’ll be visiting a friend in Montreal and explore the area a little bit. I’m a little jealous about your Patagonia trip though. Such an amazing place on earth…


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