Airline Review: Oman Air long haul Economy Class

The Oman Air long haul Economy Class offers a high comfort. In this review, we’ll explain what you can expect when flying Oman Air and why the airline is a good choice.

Compared to Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways, Oman Air is comparably lesser known. Nevertheless, Oman Air is actually a very good choice for flights between Europe and Asia as well as Africa.

  • Airplane: Airbus A330-200
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: Night / Day
  • Food: Lunch / Dinner / Snack
  • Seat Pitch: 31-34 Inch (78 to 86 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 18 Inch (46 Centimeter)

On our recent trip to Zanzibar, we had the chance to fly in the Oman Air long haul Economy Class between Milan and Muscat and Muscat and Munich respectively. While not perfect, the experience was quite good on both flights as you’ll read in this review.

Seating in the Oman Air long haul Economy Class

Oman Air exclusively has Airbus A330 and modern Boeing 787 jets for long haul flights. On both my flights, an Airbus A330-200 (there are also a few -300 in the fleet) was used.

Oman Air Economy Class Airbus A330 Seating

Cabin of the Oman Air Economy Class

However, the configuration differed a little bit as my return flight featured an aircraft with the new Business Class and a slightly different Economy Class.

Oman Air Economy Class Airbus A330 Cabin

Slightly refurbished cabin

Yet, in Economy Class that’s not actually good as the seat pitch was compromised. Nevertheless, the long haul Economy Class is still comfortable with a 2-4-2 configuartion. The seats are relatively well padded and come with an adjustable headrest.

The old configuration also offers a footrest, which I haven’t seen in long haul Economy Class in quite a while. The seat pitch is very good (old version) and decent in the new version.

The seat width is standard and the cleanliness of the aircraft etc. is totally fine. All in all, I’d say that the seating in the Oman Air long haul Economy Class is comfortable and especially nice if you are travelling as a couple as you’ll have some privacy.

Upon boarding, each seat has a pillow and a blanket. Both aren’t exactly great, but I found them okay for Economy Class. The pillow is a little soft and synthetic, but the blanket at least keeps you warm.

Oman Air Economy Class Airbus A330 Blanket and Pillow

Blanket & Pillow

The design of the cabin is quite nice as well, in my opinion. The seats are colorful with green and orange highlights, making them somewhat unique.

Catering in the Oman Air long haul Economy Class

The Oman Air long haul Economy Class comes with a very attractice catering concept. Before the actual meal, the crew rolls a trolley through the cabin, offering drinks of choice and packaged nuts.

Oman Air Economy Class Airbus A330 Snack

The latter are actually quite tasty. It’s also worth noting that Oman Air does offer alcohol, even spirits and such in Economy Class. Approximately one hour after departure, dinner (on the first flight) and lunch (on the return flight) were handed out. There was no menu or anything, so I’m just guessing here. On the way to Muscat, I had Pesto Chicken with Rissotto, accompanied by a bread roll, a rich chocolate cake and potato salad.

Oman Air Economy Class Airbus A330 Dinner

Dinner in the Oman Air long haul Economy Class

The chicken was quite good and so were the sides.

On the return flight, I had Chicken with Rice with a noodle salad and some sort of cake as a dessert.

Oman Air Economy Class Airbus A330 Dinner

Lunch in the Oman Air long haul Economy Class

Personally, I didn’t like this meal all that much between the dry chicken and the dull noodle salad.

While the first meal in the Oman Air long haul Economy Class was very good, the second was average at best. Yet, on both flights, there was a second meal as well. On the way to Muscat, I was given a hot wrap (good), on the way back a sandwich (boring).

All in all, I have to say that the catering in the Oman Air long haul Economy Class is great when it comes to quantity and surprisingly good when it comes to quality. To my surprise, the meals on the way to Muscat were way better than on the way back.

Entertainment in the Oman Air long haul Economy Class

All Oman Air long haul aircrafts come with built-in monitors. This means that you can enjoy an extensive selection of movies, tv shows, music and games.

Oman Air Economy Class Airbus A330 Entertainment

Entertainment Screen

While the selection is decent enough and there are dozens of movies in English, I wasn’t totally amazed. Emirates offers a way better selection, for example. However, it’s worth noting that the screens are high resolution and wide enough to comfortably watch something, which is a plus.

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Additionally, there is a board magazine in all Oman Air aircrafts and headphones are offered free of charge.

Oman Air Economy Class Airbus A330 Headphone

Last but not least, Oman Air is in the process of equipping all aircrafts with Wi-Fi. Yet, prices are outrageous, in my opinion.

30 minutes (10 MB) are 10 US-Dollar, 60 minutes (50 MB) are 20 US-Dollar and 3 hours (100 MB) are 30 US-Dollar.

Amenities in the Oman Air long haul Economy Class

On the plus side, Oman Air offers amenity kits in Economy Class. These are quite basic and consist of socks, eyeshades, ear plugs, a toothbrush and toothpaste. Yet, compared to most other airlines, it’s a great feature that amenity kits are offered at all.

Overall impressions of the Oman Air long haul Economy Class

All in all, I would highly recommend flying in the Oman Air long haul Economy Class. While the service is a little robotic, everything else is just fine. The seats are comfortable and offer a decent seat pitch, the cabin comes with a nice design and the catering is surprisingly plentiful and good. Additionally, the entertainment options are nice with a good entertainment system and Wi-Fi. However, the choice of movies (entertainment) and price (Wi-Fi) could be better. Nevertheless, you’re well off flying with Oman Air if you have the chance to!

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  3. Thanks for the very detailed report. It’s a lesser known airline but I agree they offer a good experience. Just reviewed Oman Air Business class on the a330-300 and was very impressed. Value for money, around 1000 EUR for +18h airtime (no special promotion or error fare, regular fare).
    Video of the experience:

    Keep up the cool reviews!

  4. I found my economy class flight experience on Oman Air from Kuala Lumpur to London, transit in Muscat, last December 2018 was quite good. Very little delay in transit, reasonable food though not as generous as Emirates and all for a most attractive price. My only grouse is that Oman Air uses a strange type of jack, similar to a walkie-talkie type, for the headphones they provided to listen to onboard movies so I had no chance to use my premium brand headphones. The movies selection was also relatively limited and the selection of map views to monitor the progress of our flight was extremely limited too, very strange. Overall it was good but could have been better. By the way, Muscat airport is quite gorgeous!

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