Transportation in Adelaide

Transportation in Adelaide is easily explained as there are relatively few modes of transportation. With this guide, we’ll help you get around in Adelaide!

As it’s the norm for cities in Australia, the public transportation network of Adelaide is quite underdeveloped. This can be seen very well when it comes to the rail network, which consists of only six lines. All of these are connecting Adelaide with its suburbs.

Adelaide Metro

Suburban Trains in Adelaide

The system is not electrified and is currently getting modernized. With just 81 stations in total, the network is extremely small for a metropolis. Thus, the trains departing and arriving at the Adelaide Central Station are only an option for you if you are planning on exploring outer areas.

Tram in Adelaide

Once, Adelaide had an extensive tram system. However, nowadays there’s just a single tram line. This one connects the city center with the historic beach resort of Glenelg and thus is publicly known as the Glenelg Tram. The tram operates overground only and crosses the city center, allowing direct access from the Central Station to Glenelg since its recent extension.

Adelaide Tram

The Glenelg Tram connects the city with the beach

Currently, there are plans to heavily extend the tram system with six more lines, among those one connecting the city center with the airport and a city loop. However, constructions haven’t started yet.

Buses in Adelaide

The backbone of the transportation network in Adelaide are buses. Those are running a very regular schedule on most routes with some also running overnight. Buses are generally a safe and comfortable way to get around in Adelaide. However, in rush hour, buses are usually crowded and stuck in traffic.

Adelaide Bus

Buses are the main means of transportation in Adelaide

The prices are different in peak times and off peak times and depend on whether you have a Metro Card (initial cost of 5 AUD) or buy single tickets. There’s also a special airport bus in Adelaide, called JetExpress. This one comes with a small surcharge.

Taxis in Adelaide

Due to the weakly developed public transportation in Adelaide, taxis play an important role for transportation in the city. There are hundreds of taxis and it is never a problem getting one. Taxis are very safe and clean, too. However, the prices are way higher than for public transportation, so you should definitely factor that in when taking a taxi. There is a basic fare of 3.70 AUD during the day and 4.90 AUD during the night (7 pm to 6 am) and a distance rate of 1.87 AUD / 2.16 AUD per each kilometer. Thus, you should plan with paying around 25 to 35 AUD for a trip between the city center and the airport or vice versa.

Other means of transportation in Adelaide

There are not many other ways to get around Adelaide despite the famous ride-hailing app Uber, which is a good alternative to taxis in Adelaide. Other than that, there are free city bikes, which you can use to explore Adelaide. Currently, there is no hop-on-hop-off sightseeing bus in Adelaide.

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