Lounge Review: Air Canada Lounge London Heathrow

The Air Canada Lounge London Heathrow is one of five Star Alliance Lounges in the new Queens Terminal of the airport. As I had the chance to briefly check out the lounge, I can get you an idea of what to expect when visiting the Air Canada Lounge.

Generally, Air Canada offers quite decent lounges all around the world. That’s true for the Air Canada Lounge Frankfurt, for example. The lounge in London is one of the newest in the whole network and definitely on the same level as the other (good) lounges in the new Queens Terminal. Be aware that the lounge is available in the Satellite Terminal, where most long haul flights depart.

Air Canada Lounge London Art

Thus, the lounge is not really an option for short haul flights. Access is granted for all First and Business Class passengers as well as those holding a Star Alliance Gold Status, when flying with any Star Alliance airline.

Seating in the Air Canada Lounge London

The Air Canada Lounge London is relatively small, which isn’t a problem taking into account that the United Club London and the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Lounge are just next door. The Air Canada Lounge comes with a couple of seating arrangements in a long room.

Air Canada Lounge London Seating

Layout of the Air Canada Lounge

There’s one area, which is a little elevated and offers some rather basic seating, including benches on the wall and some chairs with small tables. On the “lower” level, there are some more of the chairs with small tables alongside a couple of typical lounge armchairs by the window.

On the other side of the room, there are a few more comfortable arrangements. There are some daybeds by the window, which offer a magnificent view of the tarmac and some more private daybeds, which are great for lounging, relaxing or sleeping.

Another seating arrangement can be found by the buffet, where you can basically dine on a large communal table or a couple of smaller tables. The whole lounge feels quite bright and airy. Generally, I’d say that the design and atmosphere of the Air Canada Lounge London Heathrow is great.

Buffet of the Air Canada Lounge London

As I visited the Air Canada Lounge London only briefly, I can’t comment on the quality of the food, but only on the looks. The lounge comes with a big buffet to the back of the seating areas. During my visit, there were a total of four hot options, which looked quite decent, alongside a soup.

Additionally, there were some cold cuts, veggies as well as an extensive selection of different salads.

A few types of finger sandwiches are on offer in the Air Canada Lounge London, too. When it comes to drinks, there are the typical soft drinks, juices, wine, beer and a coffee machine on the buffet. Additionally, there is a bar, where you can order barista coffee and alcoholic drinks of your choice.

All in all, the Air Canada Lounge London offers a well rounded buffet.

Entertainment in the Air Canada Lounge London

In-between the buffet and the main seating areas, you can find two working areas in the Air Canada Lounge London Heathrow. One of those is equipped with tablets and is more for browsing E-Mails quickly, while the other one is more of an office.

There is basically one large table, where you can sit down either on a computer or an empty working place. Additionally, there are proper office chairs, making it quite comfortable to work there.

Air Canada Lounge London Magazines

Magazines & Newspapers in the Air Canada Lounge London

Other entertainment features of the Air Canada Lounge London include a choice of magazines and newspapers as well as the relaxation areas, which are equipped with individual televisions. Showers and washrooms are also available in the lounge.

Overall impresisons of the Air Canada Lounge London

Personally, I’d say that the Air Canada Lounge London is a great spot to hang out prior to departure. The lounge is modern, offers a nice view and is rarely crowded. The buffet selection is good, the entertainment options decent and the business center and Wi-Fi are great. All in all, a well rounded offering that will make your time prior to departure more enjoyable!

Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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