Running in Auckland

Running in Auckland can be a truly enjoyable experience. Especially on the waterfront, Auckland is a beautiful place for a run. Even though I didn’t have much time, I tremendously enjoyed my run.

This will be one of the shorter running guides as I just went for a quick 3.5 kilometers run in the morning.

  • Distance: 3.5 Kilometers
  • Jogged alititude: 10 Meters
  • Calories burned: 200-250
  • Month: September
  • Weather: Sunny

Anna wasn’t feeling all that well, which is why we kept the run short. Nevertheless and mainly due to the very nice running route, I though it’s nice to share our impressions anyways.

Map Running in Auckland

Map of Running in Auckland

Well, and the weather was so beautiful that it allowed us to take some fascinating photos.

Running in the Wynyard Quarter in Auckland

As we were staying at the Sofitel Auckland Viaduct Harbour, we were situated West of the main city center. Thus, we took the chance to go running in the Wynyard Quarter, which is the old harbour area.

Running in Auckland

Wynyard Quarter is very nice for running

It feels like a very nice and somewhat charming area with some industrial influences on the one hand, but a very modern feel on the other hand. Running along the water along the side didn’t hurt either.

Best of all, in most areas of the Wynyard Quarter, there are no cars at all. This means that you can enjoy your run even more.

Viaduct Basin and the Wynyard Crossing

When in the area, I’d also recommend taking the Wynyard Crossing, which is connecting the Wynyard Quarter with Viaduct Basin, a very nice area right next to the city center.

In the Viaduct Basin, you can find several nice restaurants locate don the waterfront. After crossing the Wynyard Crossing, we kept on running along the waterfront, which was enjoyable again. In this area, you can also spot several yachts and other ships. Very enjoyable!

Before we knew, we were back at the Sofitel Auckland. While not very long, I totally enjoyed the run and can totally recommend going for a run in Auckland!

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