Special: Chinese Garden of Friendship Sydney

While Sydney definitely has many highlights, the Chinese Garden of Friendship is not often mentioned. That is quite a shame as this place is one of the most tranquil areas in the whole city. In this special I’ll help you get an idea of why visiting is worth it.

During my few days in Sydney, I had the great chance to explore the whole city. This included amazing runs in the Botanical Garden and much more. However, when sightseeing in the Darling Harbour Area, I stumbled upon the Chinese Garden of Friendship. There is a mild entrance fee of 6 AUD for adults, but paying is totally worth it.

Waterfalls in-between Sydney’s skyscrapers

When you are visting the Darling Harbour in Sydney, you’ll mainly find impressive high-rising buildings and modern architechture. What you won’t expect is a little green sanctuary.

Chinese Garden of Friendship Sydney

The Chinese Garden is a great escape in the city center

While this sounds like an ad, that’s just my humble opinion (I just stumbled upon this place I’ve never heard of before while sightseeing). It’s not that the Chinese Garden of Friendship Sydney would be very spacious or a real parc, I really liked the attention to detail.

There are a few Asian-looking buildings, but more importantly lot’s of greenery. My personal favorite are the many small waterfalls you can find throughout the Chinese Garden.

Especially when escaping the hustle of the city, these are truly enjoyable.

Another world with hardly any tourists

It would be wrong excluding me from the group of tourists. Whether I’m travelling for work or pleasure, I just love sightseeing. Nevertheless, what I even love more is sightseeing without anyone around me. While this is never happening in Sydney per se, I was really surprised how empty the Chinese Garden of Friendship actually was.

There were hardly ten other people and I never really met anyone. As I’ve already said, the Garden of Friendship is actually not big, but it is nooks and crannies, making a very private sanctuary in the middle of the city. Be it for a date or just some relaxation away from other people, the Chinese Garden seems to be the right spot.

Overall impression of the Chinese Garden Sydney

Surely, the Chinese Garden of Friendship Sydney isn’t a must-see like the Harbour Bridge, but when you are in the Darling Harbour, I’d highly recommend visiting anyways. The whole place feels very relaxed and enjoyable and is a perfect break from sightseeing. You shouldn’t come with high expectations of fascinating architecture, but rather expect a twisty nature paradise with nice hidden waterfalls. And don’t worry, you won’t forget that you are in Sydney as the skyscrapers keep being ubiquitous.


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