Lounge Review: Executive Lounge Dublin T1

The Executive Lounge Dublin T1 is one of two Priority Pass lounges at Dublin Airport. Generally, the lounge is quite nice, but is constantly crowded, too. Read what to expect in this extensive review.

If you are departing from Dublin Airport, there’s a good chance you end up in the Executive Lounge Dublin (either in T1 or T2) as these lounges are Priority Pass lounges as well as partner lounges for several airlines. I had the chance to access the Executive Lounge Dublin T1 on a Lufthansa flight to Germany.

Executive Lounge Dublin T1 Entrance

Entrance of the Executive Lounge

You can find the Executive Lounge right after the T1 security, the signage is quite good and it’s really tough to miss the lounge.

Seating in the Executive Lounge Dublin T1

The Executive Lounge Dublin T1 consits of two different rooms. When entering at the reception, you may walk right or left. The right part of the lounge is a little smaller, but comes with its own (smaller) buffet. In this area, there is also a cute little kid’s corner.

That aside, there are a few armchairs and tables with chairs. The area to the left comes with way more seats in similar arrangements: some more comfortable armchairs as well as some typical dining tables with normal chairs.

In this area of the Executive Lounge Dublin you can also find the main buffet and a business center. While there is no much in the way of view, there is at least daylight. Nevertheless, I didn’t find the lounge to be very atmopsheric between the weird colors and the overcrowding.

Buffet of the Executive Lounge Dublin T1

I’ve already mentioned that the Executive Lounge Dublin comes with two buffets. To my surprise, the buffet selection looked quite nice. While there are not all that many options, the staff takes a lot of effort to nicely present the food and drinks spread.

The food items consist of finger sandwiches, cake, whole fruits, cookies, chips and a few other snacks. Be aware that the selection in the smaller section of the lounge is rather limited.

Both areas come with the same drink options though. Those include a decent coffee machine, spirits, soft drinks, beer and wine.

Entertainment in the Executive Lounge Dublin T1

The Executive Lounge Dublin T1 offers a decent entertainment selection. There are a few newspapers and magazines available, but the selection is rather limited compared to other lounges.

Executive Lounge Dublin T1 Newspapers

Newspapers in the Executive Lounge

The business center in the far end of the lounge is quite nice and relatively private though. There are a few work stations with and a few without computers.

Executive Lounge Dublin T1 Business Center

Business Center of the Executive Lounge

Plus, there is even a printer. The Wi-Fi is quite good when it is not too crowded, but gets a little streaky when more people use it.

Overall impressions of the Executive Lounge Dublin T1

The Executive Lounge Dublin T1 is a nice place to hang out prior to departure of your flight. The overcrowding and the weird color scheme are a little annoying, but that aside you’ll find a nice lounge with lots of seating, a good business center, decent Wi-Fi and an okay buffet. While I wouldn’t spend too much time here, it is a convenient lounge.

Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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