Transportation in Doha

Transportation in Doha is quickly explained as there is hardly any public transportation. The city doesn’t have any train or metro as it is the norm for most cities in the region. All traffic can be found on the road, including buses and taxis.

Getting around in Doha is very much dependend on traffic as all means of transportation are actually on the street. While Dubai has a elevated metro network nowadays, Doha is a little backwards in that area. As it’s the norm for the Arabic Peninsula, there are also no commuter rail or long distance train networks. Actually, there is not a single kilometer of rail in whole Qatar.

Buses in Doha

Doha has an extensive bus network, which is operated by mowasalat. The bus fleet is modern and offers air conditioning, which is a big advantage. The bus network actually extends from Doha to the whole country, which means that you can take the same bus to get around the city as well as to get around the whole country (which isn’t very big to begin with).

Doha Bus

Buses are the only means of public transportation in Doha

The system is quite straightforward and consists of approximately 50 lines. There are three lines connecting Doha Hamad Airport with the city center. Line 777 goes along the coast contiuing to the modern West Bay Area. Line 747 goes straight to the city center, while line 109 is just a local bus. The fare system works with a designated chip card. Fares are very cheap and you may also buy tickets for 24 hours unlimited usage.

Taxis in Doha

If you don’t want to use the public transportation in Doha, you may also take a taxi. These are actually available throughout the city and may also be called by hotels etc. At Doha Hamad Airport, you will find several taxis, too. Most of the cars are fairly modern and comfortable. Yet, the drivers are known to drive a little too quickly. Safety isn’t a big issue in Doha and Qatar though. Taxis in Doha are not particulary cheap, but also not expensive by Western standards. Usually, the base fare is 10 QR (~ 2.50 US-Dollar / 2.20 Euro) and each kilometer is charged 2 QR (~ 0.50 US-Dollar / 0.40 Euro).

Other means of transportation in Doha

Doha isn’t the most developed city when it comes to alternative means of transportation. However, there is a hop-on-hop-off sightseeing bus taking you around the city if you want to see the highlights. Other than that, Uber is available in Doha. In my experience, the service is a good alternative to taxis in Doha as the cars are nicer and the prices are more reasonable.



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