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It’s been quite a while since you’ve read our last Life in Paris post. During my fall break we had the chance to spend a little time in Avignon and the South of France and Moritz had plenty of work-related trips recently. With a busy university schedule shortly before the end of the semester I have also not been able to explore as much of Paris as I wanted to. In the upcoming Christmas period we will be back with some more content to share.

Today I am making a start with briefly sharing with you some pictures and experiences of my day trip to Reims. As I had a day off and the weather forecasts for Paris looked rather unpleasant, I decided to go to Reims, which is about 45 minutes away by train. I hadn’t really done any research beforehand and was very lucky to have chosen the day of the opening of the christmas market!

Reims Christmas Market

I love christmas markets and this one looked very nice. It stretches around the very impressive Notre Dame in Reims, which is a must-see church in France!

Apart from my little stroll around the christmas market, I followed the little historic circuit that was suggested to me in the tourist office and saw many beautiful buildings on my way. The city center is very easily walkable, but the Saint Remi Basilica in Reims is a little further away, so I took a bus instead to not miss my train back to Paris. After seeing the cathedral, the Basilica was a little dull, but nevertheless very interesting. Both buildings have incredibly high walls and are very dark inside.

Reims Basilica Saint Remi

Reims Basilica Saint Remi

I can highly recommend Reims as it is a calm and beautiful city in a very christmassy spirit at the moment.

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Anna et Moritz


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