Hotel Review: Hilton Hanoi Opera

The Hilton Hanoi Opera is a luxury hotel in the French Quarter of Hanoi. The hotel has a fascinating exterior, but is quite past its prime. In this review, I’ll help you get an idea of what to expect of a stay at the Hilton Hanoi. While the property isn’t all that great, the value for the money is hard to beat, in my opinion.

For my three nights in Hanoi, I decided to stay at the Hilton Hanoi for the first two nights. The rate was approximately 65 Euro, which is a steel.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: King Suite
  • Month of Stay: February

That’s especially true as I’m a Hilton Honors Diamond member and thus received complimentary breakfast, access to the Executive Lounge, late check-out and an upgrade to a suite.

Hilton Hanoi Opera Welcome Gift

Welcome Gift at the Hilton Hanoi Opera

Even though the check-in wasn’t amazing, I was in the room relatively quickly and was even given the option to choose between two different ones.

King Suite at the Hilton Hanoi Opera

The room I was assigend in the very end was a King Suite. This category is located at the very end of the floors, far away from the elevator. These suites come with a huge living room, which is seperated from the bedroom by a sliding door.

Hilton Hanoi Opera King Suite

Living Room at the Hilton Hanoi Opera

Both rooms come with a bathroom. The living room of the King Suite at the Hilton Hanoi Opera comes with a large couch and a comfortable armchair, arranged around a coffee table. Sadly, there is no coffee machine in the room.

In one of the corners, there’s a television, while in the other one you can find a decent working desk with a very nice leather office chair. The living room is very spacious, but sparsely furnished. The same is true for the bedroom, which comes with a King Bed with two nightstands, one armchair, a flatscreen television and a wardrobe.

Hilton Hanoi Opera King Suite

Bedroom of the King Suite

Both rooms have a view of some unremarkable side street. Let’s speak design: The Hilton Hanoi Opera is way past its prime and the color scheme is horrible.

Nevertheless, the room feels relatively comfortable and cozy, which makes ist okay. Nevertheless, it is definitely time for a renovation.

Bathroom of the King Suite

The King Suite of the Hilton Hanoi Opera comes with two bathrooms. The guest bathroom in the living room has a toilet, a sink and, to my very surprise, a shower.

The main bathroom comes with all of this, plus a tub. The bathrooms felt surprisingly modern and are in a decent shape. Especially the walk-in shower in both bathrooms is a plus.

While everything else at the Hilton Hanoi Opera feels past its prime, the bathrooms are actually quite nice. That’s not exactly true for all Hilton properties on this planet.

Executive Lounge at the Hilton Hanoi Opera

The Hilton Hanoi Opera has a small Executive Lounge on the top floor. It consists of three rather small rooms, which are interconnected. The reception is a little oddly located in the hallway, but besides that, the Executive Lounge is quite. There’s a view of the pool and the opera and the seating is relatively comfortable. During the day, there are just light snacks and drinks. In the morning, a surprisingly extensive breakfast with cold and warm options is served.

You can also order eggs to your liking from the kitchen.

Hilton Hanoi Opera Club Breakfast Eggs

In the afternoon, there’s a selection of cakes, while in the evening there is some more substantial food.

While there are a few hot options and a few cold snacks, for me the lounge food wasn’t a dinner substitute.

Thus, I ordered a Phad Thai via Room Service one day, which I enjoyed very much.

Hilton Hanoi Opera Room Service

However, the prices for food at the Hilton Hanoi Opera are quite high, especially for Vietnamese standards.

Breakfast at the Hilton Hanoi Opera

The Hilton Hanoi Opera offers breakfast in the Executive Lounge and in the main restaurant. While I checked out the lounge the first night, the second night I went to the restaurant and enjoyed a very nice breakfast there.

The breakfast buffet at the Hilton Hanoi Opera was actually one of the best buffets I’ve ever seen anywhere in the world. There are two big rooms with tons of different cold and hot items. There are fresh fruits, cold cuts, breads, mueslis, juices, typical hot American dishes and a tremendous amount of various Asian dishes.

In addition to that, there is a station, where you can order freshly prepared hot options, including pho. Amazing in every possible regard.

Pool & Gym at the Hilton Hanoi Opera

The Hilton Hanoi Opera offers both, a pool and a gym. The gym consits of different rooms and comes with a decent amount of machines for strength and cardio training.

There’s also an attendant available should you have any questions. The machines aren’t the most modern, but they do the trick. The free weights available are decent, too. The pool is located outside and is actually a little too cold for my taste (at lesat it was in February).

Hilton Hanoi Opera Pool

There are several loungers located around the pool, which are fairly comfortable. In the inside area, there are also a jacuzzi, a sauna and a steam bath. All in all, a very nice relaxation area.

Overall impressions of the Hilton Hanoi Opera

My stay at the Hilton Hanoi Opera was very enjoyable overall. The suite I got was very spacious and comfortable, the Executive Lounge is decent, the breakfast incredibly good and the relaxtion area a nice addition. It’s worth noting that the Hilton Hanoi Opera is way past its prime and you can easily spot that on the pictures. Nevertheless, I’d highgly recommend staying here as the value for the money is really good, especially for Hilton Honors members.

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