Airline Review: Norwegian (regional)

Norwegian is a growing Low-Cost-Carrier, offering flights in-between cities in Europe. The’ve also expanded to long haul flights. This review, however, will only feature the experience on a regional flight.

The number of low-cost carriers in Europa is constantly rising. While I’m usually rather flying with full service airlines, I’m flying with LCCs from time to time. For example, I’ve already experience flying with EasyJet. Norwegian is a pretty similiar airline in many regards as you’ll see in this review.

Seating on a Norwegian regional flight

Norwegian has a fleet of solely Boeing 737-800 aircrafts. All come with the typical 3-3 configuration in all rows. All seats in any Norwegian regional plane are absolutely identical. The color scheme with grey and red looks classy and modern. The seats are very thin, but aren’t that uncomfortable.

However, I wouldn’t like to sit there for more than two hours, to be honest. There are some rows with more legroom as well as “better” seats in the front of the plane. If you want to sit here, you need to pay extra when booking, online or at check-in. I decided to just go with a normal seat, which I found to have a fair seat pitch.

Norwegian Economy Class Seat Pitch

Seat Pitch on Norwegian

All in all, seating on Norwegian isn’t any better or worse than on most other airlines in Europe.

Catering on a Norwegian regional flight

Sadly, I didn’t have the chance to review the catering of Norwegian. However, the current menu is available on the website of Norwegian, if you want to have a look. The options available look quite decent and the prices aren’t outrageous either (still elevated though).

Entertainment on a Norwegian regional flight

What sets Norwegian apart from most other low-cost carriers (and generally most other airlines) are the entertainment offerings. Not only is there a board magazine, but you can also enjoy free Wi-Fi on all flights. To my surprise, the Wi-Fi was actually usable, even for browsing the web a little bit.

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Additionally, there’s an entertainment selection, which you can enjoy on your on device. While many tv shows are free, movies usually come with a 5 Euro charge.

Overall impressions of Norwegian

Flying Norwegian was quite enjoyable. You really don’t feel like you are flying with a low-cost-carrier as the seats aren’t any worse than on other airlines, the seat pitch is okay and the service isn’t focused on selling only (as it is on Ryanair, for example). What sets Norwegian apart is the great entertainment selection. Overall, I’d choose Norwegian any day if there’s no cheaper option (or the cheaper option is another low-cost-carrier).

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