Hotel Review: InterContinental Düsseldorf

The InterContinental Düsseldorf is a luxury hotel, located in the best area of Düsseldorf, right on the Königsstrasse. The hotel offers a very well rounded experience and might be one of the best InterContinental properties in Europe. Enjoy our extensive hotel review.

There are only few luxury hotels in Düsseldorf with the InterContinental often offering the best value for the money.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Executive Room
  • Month of Stay: July

The hotel is located right in the city center and is very easily accessible by public transport as well as by car.

InterContinental Düsseldorf Lobby

Lobby of the InterContinental Düsseldorf

From the airport, you just need about 30 to 45 minutes to get to the hotel. The check-in experience was quite nice and I was headed to my room in just a few moments.

Executive Room at the InterContinental Düsseldorf

For my stay, I had booked a Club Room, but was upgraded to an Executive Room with Club Access (theoretically, that’s a downgrade, but as I got Club Access anyways, I got a better room that way).

InterContinental Düsseldorf Executive Room

Executive Room at the InterContinental Düsseldorf

The Executive Room isn’t all that big, but has a very nice window front offering great views of the city.

Upon entering, there’s a large dressing area to the left, which has a lot of wardrobe space. The room itself has a large King Bed to the left and a working desk with a proper chair as well as a comfortable chair with an ottoman to the right.

What’s odd is that the television is placed right next to the bed, which makes it hardly possible to watch TV from anywhere in the room. Overall, I liked the room at the InterContinental Düsseldorf.

Not because it’s very big, but because it’s very bright, nicely furnished and sort-of cozy.

Bathroom of the Executive Room

The bathroom of the Executive Room isn’t especially big either, but well equipped with a sink, a bathtub as well as a walk-in shower and a toilet.

InterContinental Düsseldorf Executive Room Bathroom

Bathroom of the Executive Room

The latter two are seperated by a sliding glass door (which you can only use for either one at a time). There’s also a glass wall between the room and the bathroom, making the bathroom brighter.

You can close a blind for my privacy, too. Toiletries at the InterContinental Düsseldorf are provided by Agraria as it’s the norm for the brand.

Executive Lounge of the InterContinental Düsseldorf

One of the highlights of the InterContinental Düsseldorf is the Executive Lounge. It’s located on the first floor and doesn’t have any outdoor windows. However, it’s located in the big atrium of the hotel, making it still very bright and airy.

There’s plenty of different seating with some dining tables, a business center and some more relaxed armchairs and couches. The food spread is very good at most times of the day. For the afternoon tea, you can find a decent selection of cakes and sandwiches.

In the evening, there’s a salad buffet, a selection of canapés as well as three hot dishes with sides.

The good selection and quality reminded me a lot of the InterContinental Berlin and the InterContinental Sydney.

Breakfast at the InterContinental Düsseldorf

At the InterContinental Düsseldorf, you may either have breakfast in the restaurant or in the Executive Lounge. I went for the latter and enjoyed the breakfast very much.

There’s the typical continental selection of fruits, yoghurts, mueslis, bread rolls, cheeses, cold cuts, etc. alongside some hot options on the buffet. However, what makes the breakfast in the Club Lounge especially great is the option to order several hot dishes like omelettes, egg’s benedict or waffles from the kitchen.

Plus, there’s great service offered and the quality and taste of everything is very good, too.

Pool & Gym at the InterContinental Düsseldorf

In the same complex as the InterContinental Düsseldorf, there’s a Holmes Place Fitness Center. That’s a premium fitness chain, offering an extensive gym on several levels.

While there’s all the equipment you could dream off, I was actually a little disappointed by the fact that there is no daylight (all levels are in the basement). Sadly, the equipment isn’t in a very good shape either. Nevertheless, the overall quality of the gym is great for a hotel. Additionally, guests of the InterContinental Düsseldorf may use the pool & sauna area, too.

There, you can find a nice lap pool, a jacuzzi, some loungers, a relaxation room as well as different kinds of saunas and steam rooms. Very nice!

Overall impressions of the InterContinental Düsseldorf

I enjoyed my stay at the InterContinental Düsseldorf very much. The hotel is very well located, offers comfortable and cozy rooms with nice bathrooms and an attractive design as well as one of the best Club Lounges in Europe. Additionally, the complimentary access to the Holmes Place Fitness Club makes the experience even better. All in all, I’d definitely return to the InterContinental Düsseldorf.

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    • Sadly, the service isn’t that great always. I’ve had amazing encounters, but also not so great ones. It’s sort-of hit and miss, sadly.

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