Lounge Review: LATAM Lounge Santiago de Chile

The LATAM Lounge Santiago de Chile is the flagship lounge of the biggest airline in South America. The lounge is very modern and extremely spacious, but leaves a bit to be desired in terms of the food spread. Nevertheless, you’ll see that this is one of the best lounges in South America in our extensive review.

If you are departing at Santiago Airport, you’ll have the great pleasure of using the LATAM Premium Check-in facility with a Business Class Ticket or a oneworld Sapphire / Emerald Status.

LATAM Premium Check-in Santiago

Premium Check-in Santiago

Like that, you’ll have a private check-in area, a private security check, no waiting time and you’ll be right in front of the LATAM Lounge Santiago after the procedure.

LATAM Lounge Santiago Entrance

Entrance of the LATAM Lounge Santiago

That’s totally brilliant, but the new LATAM Lounge is quite nice if you are connecting, too.

Seating in the LATAM Lounge Santiago de Chile

The new LATAM Lounge in Santiago is a two-story lounge with lots of seating on both floors.

LATAM Lounge Santiago Seating

The lower floor is a little smaller, but comes with a few different areas, too. There are some more comfortable armchairs, some dining tables and some high-top seating.

LATAM Lounge Santiago Seating

There’s also a business center on the lower floor. As much as the higher floor, this part of the lounge is very bright due to a large window front offering very nice views of the tarmac.

Nevertheless, I liked the upper area of the LATAM Lounge Santiago de Chile even more as it’s just massive with several different seating arrangements, ranging from comfortable seating to dining tables to a large communial table to couches to high-top seating.

I’ve hardly seen any lounge that big ever before. The upper area of the lounge is generally less crowded, too. Here, you can also find a separated relaxation area with a few semi-private beds with light blankets.

LATAM Lounge Santiago Relaxation Room

All in all, the LATAM Lounge Santiago is truly fantastic. There are dozens of dozens different seating arrangements, lots of daylight, a great view and all that’s realized with a beautiful modern design.

I’d even say that regarding the style the LATAM Lounge is on one level with the likes of the Qantas First Class Lounge Sydney. As you’d expect, the lounge offers nice individual washrooms and showers, too.

LATAM Lounge Santiago Washrooms

However, there are way too few washrooms for a lounge that big.

Buffet of the LATAM Lounge Santiago de Chile

First of all, it is worth noting that the LATAM Lounge Santiago comes with a couple of different buffets. Overall, I counted a total number of four buffets, all with a slightly different food spread.

LATAM Lounge Santiago Buffet

However, none of the buffets had proper meals, but all rather had snacks of different kinds. You can find sandwiches, wraps, cheeses, cold cuts, snacks like nuts or chips, cakes and a couple of other sweet delights.

Sadly, there is nothing more substantial than that, what I found a little disappointing for the flagship lounge of an airline. What’s great though is the selection of drinks. There are the typical soft drinks, juices etc. and then there is an incredible selection of different alcoholic options, including several spirits, wines and beers.

I’m not sure why there is so much more alcohol than food in the LATAM Lounge Santiago, but maybe the frequent flyers in Chile prefer the one to other.

Entertainment in the LATAM Lounge Santiago

The entertainment selection in the LATAM Lounge Santiago de Chile is very good. You can find a wide selection of newspapers and magazines, focusing on the local and English speaking market.

LATAM Lounge Santiago Newspapers

Then there are different areas of the lounge designed for either watching TV (there was a Champions League Game shown while I visited) or working in groups or alone. In some areas, you can also find computers, which you can use for your work.

Additionally, there’s complimentary and very good Wi-Fi throughout the lounge. Plugs can be found at several spots, yet not at all seats.

Overall impressions of the LATAM Lounge Santiago

The set-up for LATAM premium passengers at Santiago Airport is very nice. There’s a private check-in, a private security channel and then this impressive lounge. Great seating options, lots of daylight, a very nice view and very nice entertainment options. That’s quite tough to beat. Sadly, the buffet is sub-par in comparison and leaves a lot to be desired compared to other flagship lounges. The alcohol selection is stunning though. All in all, the LATAM Lounge Santiago is a great place to spend one or another hour prior to departure.

Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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