Airline Review: Lufthansa First Class Airbus A330-300

The Lufthansa First Class is one of the most exclusive experiences in the sky. In this extensive airline review we’ll present the experience and will get you an idea whether flying First Class on Lufthansa is worth it. Dive in and enjoy this incredible review!

Lufthansa nowadays offers four classes of service on long haul flights, those include Economy Class, Premium Economy, Business Class and First Class. While I’ve reviewed the Lufthansa Business Class before, I didn’t have the chance to fly the Lufthansa First Class, yet.

  • Airplane: Airbus A330-300
  • Cabin Class: First Class
  • Daytime: Noon / Afternoon
  • Food: Lunch
  • Bed length: 81 Inch (205 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 31 Inch (79 Centimeter)

For our meeting in Dubai, I finally took the bite and flew First Class from Frankfurt to Dubai alongside three friends of mine. This incredible experience was made possible through the usage of Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles. Very sweet!

Seating in the Lufthansa First Class

After being driven to the airplane from the Lufthansa First Class Terminal in a limousine (what a cool experience!) we boarded through the forward cabin door.

The First Class Cabin of Lufthansa consists of a total of eight seats in all aircrafts (we were flying in an Airbus A330-300). The cabin is very intimate like that and the seats look incredibly spacious at first sight.

Lufthansa First Class

Lufthansa First Class

Lufthansa doesn’t have suites in First Class, but rather a relatively open first class cabin. That’s not a bad thing in my opinion as it makes the cabin feel incredibly spacious.

Lufthansa First Class

Lufthansa First Class

The seats obviously all have direct aisle access and are fully flat. However, what makes the Lufthansa First Class so special is that the seats are incredibly comfortable even in upright position. The seats are incredible wide and the legroom is basically unlimited.

The padding is extremely comfortable and makes the seats feel like you are in the most comfortable armchair ever. Something else I found absolutely amazing about the Lufthansa First Class is the fact that there is an incredible amount of storage under the Ottoman, right next to the window and also right at the seat.

Something else worth mentioning about the seats is the eye for detail. Not only are the seats very stylish and strike an amazing balance between an atmospheric feel and modernity, but there are so many small touches, including a fresh red rose.

The seat controls come with endless features for making your seating position even more comfortable, but the real highlight defintiely is the privacy blind, which makes the seat feel like a suite despite being open.

Personally, I’ve never seen such a sleek and stylish, yet open and atmospheric aircraft cabin.

The First Class cabin comes with two lavatories in the front of the airplane.

Even those are very nicely equiped and were kept spotlessy clean during the flight.

Sleeping in the Lufthansa First Class

Upon boarding, the seats in the Lufthansa First Class are equipped with a pillow.

However, don’t let yourself get fooled as this pillow is only a small part of the bedding. As soon as you are ready for sleep, you may just ask one of the flight attendants to make your bed.

This means that the seat is put in a fully flat position with the privacy blinds being put in position. However, the real highlight is the bedding, which consists of a very plush and comfortable matrace pad, a hotel quality pillow and a light, but comfortable blanket.

While I didn’t sleep on this rather short flight, I tested the quality of the bed for a while and totally enjoyed the enormous comfort that comes with it. When it comes to the bed quality, the Lufthansa First Class definitely is hard to beat.

Catering in the Lufthansa First Class

Flying First Class usually means that you are getting a restaurant quality meal and Lufthansa is no exception in this regard. In fact, you are welcomed with a glass of high quality champagne (Taittinger in this instance) or any other drink of your choice as well as a hot towel.

After departure, you are getting another glass of the drink of your choice alongside a nice mix of nuts. Before boarding, the menu for your meal is distributed. On the flight to Dubai there were actually two meals, which surprised me a little bit. The first meal was a more substantial one, while the second was a very substantial “snack”.

The main meal in the Lufthansa First Class started with the signature caviar, which was served with the traditional sides as well as some good wodka.

A choice from the bread basket was also offered for this and the subsequent courses. After that, there was a choice between three starters, which I all tried. Especially the tartar and the halibut-salmon combination were very good.

As a main course (there were five different options) I went with the halibut again, which was served with rice and fennel – very tasty!

Lufthansa First Class Lunch

To finish off the meal, several different desserts from a cart were offered. I passed on the (great looking) sweet options and just had “some” cheese. What an amazing meal!

To be honest, I was totally full for the rest of the flight, but the crew did take care of refilling my glass and asking for further food wishes. Approximately 90 minutes before landing, another cart with lots of snacks was rolled through the alley. While I didn’t have anything, the options looked great once again.

Lufthansa First Class Snack

All in all, the Lufthansa First Class meal was definitely the best I ever had in the sky. While the menu and the descriptions are a little too fancy, in my opinon, the quality was top-notch. So was the service.

Entertainment in the Lufthansa First Class

There is no way that you are getting bored in the Lufthansa First. The entertainment options consist of an extensive choice of newspapers and magazines (German and international) as well as a great In-Flight-Entertainment. The screens in the Lufthansa First Class are big enough and are HD-quality. Using the entertainment is very easy with the control at your seat and the system is very responsive. The selection of movies, shows and music is very good.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While there might be airlines with offerings a tad better, I’d say that the Lufthansa Entertainment is great either. It’s also worth noting that Lufthansa has Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones in First Class, which are the best headphones you can have on a plane.

Lufthansa First Class Headphones

In addition to the other entertainment options, Lufthansa offers Wi-Fi, which isn’t free for First Class passengers. However, the prices are reasonable and you can get a flight pass for about 20 US-Dollar / Euro. The speed is decent and the Wi-Fi works most of the flight usually.

Amenities in the Lufthansa First Class

First Class wouldn’t be First Class if there wouldn’t be several amenities waiting for passengers. In the Lufthansa First Class, those include an amazing Amenity Kit, which is filled with everything you might need during your flight.

Lufthansa First Class Amenity Kit

The kit was provided by Braun Büffel and had la prairie amenities, eyeshades, a toothbrush and many more items like socks or a shoe sponge.

Lufthansa First Class Amenity Kit

Other than the Amenity Kit, a pyjama was offered for my comfort. Despite this being a daytime flight, I very much enjoyed the Van Laack pyjama, which was soft and comfortable.

Lufthansa First Class Amenities

The only downside is that they only had rather big sizes on this flight.

Overall impressions of the Lufthansa First Class

My flight in the Lufthansa First Class was a real highlight. I can’t remember ever having such an enjoyable flight. Between the incredible intimate and quiet cabin, the great seat, the amazing bed and the exclusive catering, this flight was nearly perfect in all regards. Sure, Lufthansa doesn’t offer suites in First Class, but the experience is amazing nevertheless. There’s hardly anything negative to say about the Lufthansa First Class as everything is just as good as you’d expect. While I loved the flight, I still wouldn’t say that flying First Class is worth the price premium compared to a flat-bed Business Class. Yet, if you have the chance to fly Lufthansa First Class, definitely take it!

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