City Guide: Truro

Truro in the South-West of England is actually one of the biggest cities in the region. However, visiting Truro doesn’t feel like visiting a metroplis at all. The city center is truly charming anyways, which is why I’d definitely recommend visiting the city!

If you are heading to Cornwall, there are a couple of amazing places I’d definitely recommend. Truro is on the way from London to Cornwall and well worth a visit, in my opinion. While we’ll have more about Cornwall here on traveluxblog shortly, it’s worth talking about Truro in an individual installement. That’s mainly because of the very charming city center.

Lemon Street and King Street in Truro

The city center of Truro is not very big and totally walkable. You might spend like 30 minutes with walking through all the interesting streets. While that might not sound that fascinating, you’ll get a feeling for the city very quickly.

The historic core of the city is not only still existing, but it is also especially charming. The mix of very old and old buildings with a lot of color makes walking around the streets and city center of Truro very nice. Even without looking at the particular sights of the city, you’ll have a good time exploring the city.

Interestingly, the shopping options are quite good, too. You might not expect that in a city that feels more like a village.

Cathedral and other highlights of Truro

If you are driving to Truro, you’ll immediately spot an incredibly big cathedral. Due to its fascinating cathedral, Truro is often also called a “cathedral city”. The whole city center spans around the cathedral, which is a little tough to take a picture of as it is very high and tucked in-between several other buildings.

However, the architecture is beautiful and even just seeing the cathedral from the outside is a highligh (it was actually closed when we were in Truro, so we couldn’t have a look from the inside).

Truro Cathedral

Besides the cathedral, Truro has a couple of more highlights. In particular, I liked the building of the Truro Community Libray very much.

In the immediate city center, I’d recommend checking out the Truro Town Hall as well as the Coinage Hall, where you can also have a lovely traditional Afternoon Tea (it’s a little expensive, but worth it for the experience).

Other places worth seeing are the Old Ale House, the Mansion House and the Hall of Cornwall.

Yet, I feel like walking through the city center of Truro, you’ll see all the very nice places anyways. So, there’s not all that much of a need to follow a strict guide to see all highlgihts.

Overall impressions of Truro

While Truro isn’t a place I’d plan a full day for visiting, stopping while passing through is definitely worht it. The city is very charming, has a beautiful historic center and a fascinating cathedral. You can also do some good shopping and enjoy a very nice Afternoon Tea in Truro. All in all, I’d definitely recommend visiting Truro on the way to Cornwall!

Have you been to Truro? What did you like the most about the city?

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