Airline Review: Oman Air regional Economy Class

The Oman Air regional Economy Class offers a very high level of comfort for a regional flight. However, there are different board products with only the newer one being really recommendable. Read more about our experience with Oman Air in this extensive review.

Oman Air is an interesting alternative to the big three gulf carriers, namely Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways and Emirates. However, Oman Air is flying to way fewer destinations, including several in Asia, a few in Europe and a few in Africa. Interestingly, Oman Air also uses a lot of smaller aircrafts, including Boeing 737. This was the plane I had to chance to fly the Oman Air regional Economy Class in. However, regional is a long-stretch as the flight from Zanzibar to Muscat was more than five hours long.

Seating in the Oman Air regional Economy Class

As you’ll see in another review about the Oman Air regional Business Class, there are two configurations at the moment. The one I’m reviewing here is way more modern, but offers less pitch.

Oman Air Economy Class Boeing 737 Seat Pitch

Seat Pitch in the Oman Air Economy Class

Additionally, it comes with an entertainment system, while the older one doesn’t.

Oman Air Economy Class Boeing 737

Cabin of the Oman Air regional Economy Class

If you are lucky enough to get the new configuration, the cabin makes a very nice first impression. The seats come in the typical 3-3 configuration in Economy Class and come with a comfortable padding that makes the seating comfortable for shorter and medium long flights.

The major point of criticism for me actually is the lack of seat pitch. Even though I’m not very tall, I found the pitch to be very small for an airplane flying such long routes. Other than that, the cabin looks modern, bright and was fairly well cleaned. I also enjoyed the design of the seats, which is very inviting.

Catering in the Oman Air regional Economy Class

To my surprise, there was only a single meal on our five-hours journey from Zanzibar to Muscat, which was served immediately after take-off. The meal was… interesting. There was a selection of fresh fruits, yogurt, some African bread as well as a hot option consisting of veggies and meat in something like a tomato sauce.

Oman Air Economy Class Breakfast

Breakfast in the Oman Air Economy Class

Not exactly the breakfast you’re having any day. While I’d say that the quality was totally fine, this just isn’t what I’m eating for breakfast. With the breakfast, we were also served a milk drink and some water.

Oman Air Economy Class Breakfast

Basic Drink Selection

To my surprise, we were only offered drinks (this time the whole offerings) one single another time, which I found a little disappointing for a flight that long.

Entertainment in the Oman Air regional Economy Class

There are things you shouldn’t take for granted. In the Oman Air regional Economy Class that’s the entertainment system. While all planes come with a decent board magazine, the entertainment system may only be found in newer Boeing 737 aircrafts.

If you are lucky enough to get a plane with entertainment, you won’t get bored on your flight. The screen comes with a decent resolution and a good size for Economy Class. You may use the touchscreen to navigate, which is fairly easy.

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The options include movies, series and music in different languages with most options being available in English. While the selection wasn’t phenomenal, there were plenty of options to watch for a regional flight.

Overall impressions of the Oman Air regional Economy Class

Overall, I enjoyed my flight in the Oman Air regional Economy Class. The cabin was modern, the seats comfortable and the entertainment system very good. The service was so-so and I didn’t really enjoy breakfast, but that might also be due to my taste. All in all, I’d recommend flying with Oman Air, but wouldn’t go out of my way to fly them either. That’s especially true as the regional configuration (even the old ones) is also used for fairly long flights.

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  1. The pitch according to seatguru is 31 inches and I know you say your not very tall (nor am I), but it looks tighter than 31 inches in the picture. Though I suppose it depends on what not very tall is. I cringe to think of a tall person in those seats, and I wonder if seatguru has it wrong and the pitch is smaller.

    • I’m not 100 percent sure either, but I think SeatGuru still has the old configuration, which offers more seat pitch (it should be 31), while the new one (which I’ve reviewed here) definitely comes with less, I’d say it’s 30 at a maximum, maybe even 29 only. Even for me it felt very tight and that’s rather unusual.

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