Transportation in Bristol

Transportation in Bristol is relatively limited. Despite the importance of the city, the public transportation in the city center is organized by buses only. In this guide, we’ll explain what you need to know about transportation in Bristol.

Bristol is the major metropolis in the South-West of England and is well connected to other cities in the United Kingdom by rail. Birmingham, Manchester, London and Exeter are between one and two hours away. All trains stop at Bristol Temple Meads, the main station in Bristol. Some trains also stop at the second Bristol train station, Bristol Parkway. You may also board several regional services to cities around Bristol from both stations. Important destinations include Bath and Cardiff.

Buses in Bristol

As there is neither a metro nor a tram system in Bristol, you are depending on buses to get around the city by public transportation. There’s a very big network operated by the First Group. Most buses in Bristol operate quite frequently and you can easily get from any point to any other fairly quickly.

Bristol Bus

The ticket system is easily explained, too. Single Tickets are 1.70 GBP, while day tickets are 4 GBP. Thus, public transportation in Bristol is relatively cheap. Yet, you should be aware that the so-called Bristol Airport Flyer, connecting the city center with Bristol Airport, comes with an extra charge and is 7 GBP per way or 11 GBP roundtrip.

Taxis in Bristol

If you are looking for a rather private means of transportation in Bristol, you can rely on taxis. You can get one at the airport or as well as by hailing one on the street. Surely, hotels and restaurants can call you a taxi. All taxis in Bristol offer a decent level of comfort and are safe.

Bristol Taxi

The prices are quite steep though. The base fare usually is 3 GBP, while every kilometer is charged 1.40 GBP. So, if you are looking for a cheap option to get around town, buses are the better way to go.

Other means of transportation in Bristol

If you are looking for a cheaper private ride, you may use Uber in Bristol. There are plenty of cars and the rides are slightly cheaper than taxis. If you are planning on doing sightseeing and don’t walk around hilly Bristol, you might enjoy the Hop-on-Hop-off Sightseeing Bus available in the city.

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