Lounge Review: Millenium Lounge Ankara

The Millenium Lounge Ankara is one of three lounges in Ankara and can be accessed with tickets of a few different airlines (business class & frequent traveler). Yet, the lounge isn’t especially great as you’ll read in this extensive review.

When departing from Ankara Airport, I had the chance to check out the Millenium Lounge Ankara. My access was granted due to my oneworld Emerald status on a Qatar Airways Economy Class flight. Sadly, neither Ankara Airport nor the lounge are terribly inspiring. At least, the lounge is located airside, so you first proceed through security and passport control, before you go one level up and find the lounge alongside two other lounges.

Seating in the Millenium Lounge Ankara

The Millenium Lounge Ankara is basically one round-shaped room. Upon entering, you’ll stand in front of the reception.

Millenium Lounge Ankara Entrance

Reception Desk of the Millenium Lounge

You might either go to the right or the left after your documents were checked. To the left, there’s a small business center as well as some more comfortable seating with interestingly shaped lounge chairs.

Right behind the reception desk, there are a couple of more seating arrangements, mainly chairs around a table as well as a few benches with a table. On the “window” (facing inwards), there are a couple of couches with smaller tables.

To the right of the reception, there’s not only the buffet of the Millenium Lounge Ankara, but also some more seating, mainly consisting of dining tables with chairs. The whole design isn’t terribly inspiring, neither very modern.

Millenium Lounge Ankara View

The views aren’t inspiring either

Yet, the lounge feels fairly airy as there are a lot of inward facing windows and not many guests (at least during the two hours of my visit).

Buffet of the Millenium Lounge Ankara

The buffet of the Millenium Lounge Ankara isn’t great either. While it looks quite big from the distance, you just can’t find a lot of food options there. In a fridge of-sorts, you can find a selection of raw veggies as well as salads and some sandwiches.

Other than that, there are a few types of cookies, soup with basic bread rolls and some apples in another fridge. The drink selection is slightly better with a few kinds of beers, two wines, drip coffee, a decent coffee machine and a selection of soft drinks and water.

Nevertheless, the Millenium Lounge leaves a lot to be desired for an international lounge in this regard.

Entertainment at the Millenium Lounge Ankara

The entertainment selection of the Millenium Lounge Ankara is a little bit better than the other areas. As I’ve mentioned earlier, there’s a business center, which offers a few semi-private cubicles, some with computers, some even with printers, others ideal for working on your own laptop.

Millenium Lounge Ankara Computer

The business area is one of the best parts of the lounge

Additionally, there are two televisions streaming Turkish news channels, as well as newspapers and magazines (in Turkish).

Millenium Lounge Ankara Newspapers

WiFi is available throughout the lounge, too. Sadly, the speed and connection isn’t very good, making it quite a fight to get any work done in the Millenium Lounge.

Overall impressions of the Millenium Lounge Ankara

The Millenium Lounge Ankara is one of the more disappointing international lounges I’ve been to. It’s not even close as good as the Turkish Airlines Lounge Istanbul. At a minimum, the lounge is fairly spacious, offers a few different seating arrangements, feels airy and comes with a fair selection of drinks. Yet, the design isn’t very nice, the food options are weak and the entertainment is focusing on Turkish passengers only. Last but not least, the WiFi is disappointingly bad. All in all, I would try to minimize my time in this lounge prior to your departure.

Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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