Hotel Review: Anselmo Buenos Aires, Curio by Hilton

The Anselmo Buenos Aires is a member of the Curio Collection by Hilton. The property is relatively unique and offers very affordable rates. However, I wasn’t totally satisfied with my stay as you’ll read in this extensive hotel review.

For my two stays in Buenos Aires, I chose the Hilton Buenos Aires for a two-night stay and the Anselmo Buenos Aires for a quick overnight stay. Upon checking-in, there was nobody at the door helping us with luggage.

  • Classification: Four Stars
  • Room Category: Standard Room
  • Month of Stay: April

Once inside the lobby, there was no queue at reception and we were checked-in in a heartbeat. Sadly, I wasn’t offered an upgrade as a Hilton Honors Diamond member, but didn’t care either as we just spent approximately ten hours at the hotel. The lobby made a very nice first impression and had a very individual touch.

Standard Room at the Anselmo Buenos Aires

Our assigned Standard Room was on the 4th floor and courtyard facing. Thus, there were no views (it was dark anyways, so no picture). The room itself has a bizarre shape. Upon entering, you could already see the bed at the end of a short hallway. The bed faces a flat-screen television and the working desk.

Anselmo Buenos Aires Standard Room

Standard Room at the Anselmo Buenos Aires

The latter comes with a rather uncomfortable chair, sadly. There’s also a small minibar set-up next to the desk. On the other side of the desk is a L-shaped hallway that leads into the bathroom, where you’ll see a long bench first. While the shape of the room at the Anselmo Buenos Aires was weird at best, the décor was quite nice and modern.

The room was relatively clean, too. Sadly, we could hear people speaking in other rooms and in the hallway, which didn’t allow for very good sleep. That’s kind of sad in a courtyard room.

Bathroom of the Standard Room

The bathroom of the Standard Room was a little odd, too. I’ve already mentioned the long bench, which is located on the window-side (yes, there’s a window of-sorts in the bathroom).

Anselmo Buenos Aires Standard Room Bathroom

The bathroom has a very unique layout

Then there is a small privacy shield, followed by the sink. Semi-separated from the sink, you can find the toilet, a bidet and at the end the shower with a nice rain shower head, which lacked pressure, unfortunately.

While I found it quite cool that the shower had a wooden floor, it wasn’t very well taken care of and thus posed a serious danger threat. Nevertheless, I liked the bathroom setting, especially as it wasn’t as boring as usual.

Drinks & Snack at the Anselmo Buenos Aires

Our stay at the Anselmo Buenos Aires was very brief. Thus, we just used our drink vouchers (two for Diamond members) and had a small snack, which was tasty.

The drinks were good, too. Other than the bar, the hotel also offers a restaurant if you are craving for more substantial options.

Gym at the Anselmo Buenos Aires

The only other facility worth speaking about at the Anselmo Buenos Aires is the gym, which is well… tiny. There are three machines in a very small room with no windows.

I think I don’t have to loose that many more words. The pictures are totally doing the gym justice.

Overall impressions of the Anselmo Buenos Aires

We didn’t have time for breakfast in the morning and didn’t actually see any area of the hotel in daylight. Nevertheless, I’m not sure whether I would return even I haven’t seen everything. The gym is a joke, the rooms are tiny and not very soundproof and there is a lack of other facilities like a pool. On the positive side, the design is stylish, the layout is unique and the hotel has character. Nevertheless, I’d prefer the Hilton Buenos Aires.

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  2. Thank you for your valuable review.

    I was unable to find gym pictures anywhere until I reached here. I was suspicious about, but it’s much worse than expected.

    I know it’s quite an affordable hotel but in my opinion it’s better to have nothing than that. If they don’t dare to show it, they shouldn’t announce it. As simple as that.

    I have a reservation for next month and I will seriously consider moving to another hotel just for this reason.

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