Airline Review: Nordica Economy Class

Nordica is a small regional airline, which is operating flights to and from Tallinn as well as on a few other routes in Europe. The airline is a subsidiary of LOT and offers a very similar experience, too. Read what to expect of a Nordica flight in this review!

On my way from Tallinn to Warsaw, I had the chance to fly in the Nordica Economy Class. The flight was operated by a CRJ 900, which is the biggest plane in the Nordica fleet at the moment.

  • Airplane: CRJ 900
  • Cabin Class: Economy  Class
  • Daytime: morning
  • Food: snack
  • Seat Pitch: 31 Inch (79 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 17 Inch (43 Centimeter)

The experience with Nordica wasn’t very special, but absolutely all right as you’ll read in this review.

Seating in the Nordica Economy Class

The Nordica Economy Class in the CRJ 900 comes with a 2-2 configuration, making it ideal and other travelers alike as there is no middle seat. The plane didn’t look especially modern, but the black leather seats with blue elements looked very comfortable upon boarding.

Nordica Economy Class CRJ 900 Seating

Seating in the Nordica Economy Class

After sitting down, you’ll see that the seats are indeed comfortable for a regional plane. The beauty of old configurations definitely is that the seats are fairly comfortable. You may also recline your seat a bit. The seat width is okay, but nothing to talk home about.

The same is true for the seat pitch, which I’d say is a little bit above industry average. There’s also a solid and surprisingly big table at every seat, making it possible to work during the flight. All in all, a totally fine on board product for a regional flight.

Catering in the Nordica Economy Class

Nordica is very much following the lead of majority owner LOT Polish Airlines when it comes to the catering. There is a rather extensive on-board menu for a fee, which has mainly snack items as well as drinks. Those aren’t cheap, but not particularly expensive either.

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The menu has two sandwiches, a few snacks, soft drinks and lots of alcohol on it, so it’s quite a “special” mix. Yet, there’s some included catering, too. All passengers are given a Prince Polo chocolate bar (the same as when flying LOT).

Nordica Economy Class CRJ 900 Snack

There’s also complimentary water available. All in all, very solid for a regional flight.

Entertainment in the Nordica Economy Class

As it’s the norm for regional jets, there’s hardly anything worth speaking about in terms of entertainment. The Nordica Economy Class doesn’t come with Wi-Fi, any sort of an entertainment screen or overhead monitors.

Nordica Economy Class CRJ 900 Board Magazine

Yet, there’s at least a boarding magazine, which actually is the LOT board magazine and doesn’t have any Nordica branding.

Overall impressions of the Nordica Economy Class

As far as regional flights go, Nordica is a decent choice. The airline offers pretty much the same as its parent company LOT. The aircraft have comfortable seats, a decent seat pitch, good tables, but no entertainment of any kind. There are also power plugs. The complimentary catering is quite limited, but you can purchase additional snacks or drinks for a charge, so that’s quite a fair compromise. All in all, I wouldn’t mind flying the Nordica Economy Class again.

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