Lounge Review: Oman Air Lounge Muscat

The Oman Air Lounge Muscat is the airlines only premium lounge at its hub in Muscat. The lounge isn’t the most modern, but offers quite a comfortable experience for a layover. Learn more about what to expect of the lounge in this extensive review.

Transiting in Muscat isn’t fun. There’s a new airport being built, which is opening in a few weeks, so the Oman Air Lounge Muscat like it is today, won’t be for long anymore. For now, there are only dreadful bus boarding gates at Muscat Airport. Plus, the airport is too small to handle the number of passengers, making all areas to feel very crowded. The Oman Air Lounge Muscat is a very nice contrast in that regards. The experience here is starting with a nice model of one of the newest Oman Air planes, a Boeing 787, and Arabic coffee with dates.

Yet, that’s definitely not all the Oman Air Lounge Muscat has to offer as you’ll see in this extensive airline review. This review features the business class section of the lounge. In the lounge, there’s a small section for first class passengers, too.

Seating in the Oman Air Lounge Muscat

The Oman Air Lounge Muscat comes with a couple of different areas. Upon entering, there’s some seating with some comfortable armchairs, a small business center and some other random seating.

Further into the lounge you are getting to the bar with some bar-style seating and a few more armchairs. In the middle of the lounge, in a round-shape room, you’ll find the buffet, which is surrounded by several dining tables, which were set according to the meal time both times I visited the Oman Air Lounge. Behind that room, you’ll get to the main area of the lounge, which has several different seating areas. To the left, you’ll find a few daybeds, which aren’t especially private, but come with pillows and blankets.

The rest of the room has several different seating options with some high-top seating as well as traditional lounge armchairs. This room is also very bright and offers magnificent views of the tarmac.

Oman Air Lounge Muscat View

As you can basically walk around the lounge, there’s another room in the back, where you can find the washrooms etc., which has some more seating in various styles.

To the back of the lounge, you can also find a massage chair.

Oman Air Lounge Muscat Massage Chair

All in all, the seating options at the Oman Air Lounge Muscat are plentiful, comfortable and the lounge never even filled up to a fourth of its capacity. Thus, it was never too loud and felt like a very nice spot to hang out. Something I’d like to mention very positively is that the lounge uses a lot of local elements in its design, which I appreciate.

Buffet of the Oman Air Lounge Muscat

While I’ve been to a couple of lounges on the Arabian Peninsula, including the Etihad Airways Premium Lounge, I wasn’t sure what to expect of the Oman Air Lounge in terms of the food & beverage offerings. Well, I was totally overwhelmed to be honest.

Oman Air Lounge Muscat Buffet

We visited the lounge for breakfast once and for lunch the other time and both times, there was an amazing buffet with dozens of hot and cold choices. For breakfast, there were the typical Western classics like scrambled eggs, yogurt, cold cuts, cheeses, bread rolls etc., but also several Arabic choices, which I found to be very tasty.

For lunch, there were several hot options alongside a buffet with salads, cold snacks like sandwiches and more. Additionally, there was a very nice choice of various desserts. Everything looked incredibly appetizing and tasted very well, too.

Leaving aside lounges with à la carte catering, the Oman Air Lounge Muscat really was one of the best lounges I’ve been to in terms of the food offerings. The drink options included the typical soft drinks, juices and Nespresso coffee makers. There’s also a bar that wasn’t staffed when I visited.

Oman Air Lounge Muscat Bar

It’s worth noting that there was no alcohol on offer as I was in the lounge during Ramadan both times.

Entertainment in the Oman Air Lounge Muscat

The entertainment options in the Oman Air Lounge are various, but not any groundbreaking at the same time. There are a couple of different magazines and newspapers, including a few international options, available.

Then there are three or four televisions showing news channels as well as two computers and a printer, which are supposed to be a business center of-sorts.

Oman Air Lounge Muscat Business Center

However, I couldn’t locate any proper work cubicles or proper tables to work on aside from the dining tables, which I found a little disappointing. The WiFi comes with an easy log-in and works fairly well. There’s also a kids room in the lounge.

Oman Air Lounge Muscat Kids Area

Especially when travelling with little ones that might be a feature you’ll appreciate.

Overall impressions of the Oman Air Lounge Muscat

The Oman Air Lounge Muscat is no over-the-top airport lounge, but it totally does the trick. The lounge is spacious and doesn’t seem to get crowded, there are several different seating options, a nice view and a very good buffet at all times of the day. While there are no particularly special features and there are some weaknesses (e.g. waiting times at the small restrooms despite it not even being any crowded), I generally enjoyed the lounge. Muscat Airport is still a horrible place to transit, but premium passengers might actually have one further advantage: The Oman Air Lounge Muscat has a private boarding gate, which however seems to only be used for selected flights.

Oman Air Lounge Muscat Boarding Gate

For both our departures, we had to get back to the terminal and get a bus with everybody else. While I’m looking forward to the new airport in Muscat, I’d say that the Oman Air Lounge Muscat currently is totally fine and not a bad place to spend a few hours between your flights.

Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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