Train Review: Railjet (Second Class)

The Railjet is an Austrian passenger train, which runs to a couple of different countries from major Austrian cities. There are trains to Munich (Germany), Prague (Czech Republic), Budapest (Czech Republic), Zurich (Switzerland) and more. In this review, I’ll show you what to expect of the Railjet Second Class.

If you are living in Central Europe or have been visiting Europe a couple of times, you’ll know that train travel is a big thing in this part of the world. That’s especially true for Austria, where the train is the better choice for nearly all connections between different cities. In the past, I’ve already reviewed the Railjet First Class on my journey from Munich to Vienna. This time, I’ll review the Second Class on my journey from Prague to Vienna. It’s worth noting here that this train was actually operated by Czech Railways (“blue” Railjet), while most other trains are operated by the ÖBB, the Austrian train operator (“red” Railjet), so that might explain the color difference here. Other than that, there are only very little differences regarding the catering, but not regarding the on-board experience.

Seating in the Railjet Second Class

The Railjet Second Class comes with a very typical 2-2 configuration, which is the norm for most long-distance trains in Europe and worldwide. The seats are blue (Czech version) or red (Austrian version) and look fairly comfortable.

Railjet Second Class

While I actually prefer the seats in the German ICE trains, the seats are fairly comfortable and surprisingly high, which makes them comfortable for taller people, too.

Railjet Second Class

There are two types of seating arrangements, typical forward seating seats with a small table to fold down and four seats around a more robust and bigger table.

If you are not travelling in a party of three or four, I’d actually recommend the “normal” seats as those have more legroom as you’re not “fighting” for it with the passengers opposite of you. The seat pitch in general is okay, especially if you are not a very tall person.

Railjet Second Class Seat Pitch

As it’s the norm for trains, some seats are in the direction of travel, while other are not. Other than that it’s worth noting that the train was very clean upon boarding and felt quite new.

Catering in the Railjet Second Class

This time, I didn’t have anything to eat during my ride in the Railjet Second Class as I had an extensive breakfast at the InterContinental Prague before departure. However, the menu comes with the typical drink and snack options you’d expect in a train.

Railjet Second Class Menu

Personally, I actually expected a little more as there are just sandwiches and nothing more substantial on offer. The Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) offers a way more extensive menu including hot options on-board its long-distance trains, for example. The drink and snack options looked nice though. The menu wasn’t designed very appealing though.

Entertainment in the Railjet Second Class

As it’s the norm for trains, the entertainment options are rather limited. There are a few train magazines in each coach and a few information screens showing the next stations etc. The most important feature those definitely is the WiFi, which is not only complimentary and unlimited, but also works surprisingly well.

Railjet Second Class Table

Each seat comes with a table, which makes working on board comfortable

Thus, working in the Railjet Second Class is definitely possible and I got quite a few things done. You may also download digital magazines through the Wi-Fi.

Overall impressions of the Railjet Second Class

I’d recommend taking the Railjet in a heartbeat. It’s not that I found the seats to be extremely comfortable or the service to be especially warm, but there’s just no other means of transportation, which offers such quick and convenient transportation in Austria as well as between Austria and neighboring countries. The Railjet Second Class comes with fairly comfortable seats, a decent legroom, complimentary WiFi and an okay snack menu. For rides from two to four hours, these offerings are totally fine, which makes me definitely recommend the Railjet for your next journey.

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