City Guide: Piran

Piran is a small coastal town in Slovenia, located close to Koper and Triest (Italy). Even though you might not have heard about Piran yet, visiting the city is well worth if you happen to be in the area.

Slovenia isn’t a very big country and there are just a few major cities, including the capital Ljubljana. Piran is everything but big either, but the city has a lot of charm. While we’ve actually stayed in Portoroz, a few kilometers away, Piran definitely is the real highlight of the two cities. In this rather brief city guide I’ll explain why visiting Piran is totally worth it!

The special location of Piran

Piran has always been an important coastal city due to its location at the tip of an peninsula. Till today, there is only one main road leading to Piran, which means that you are quite limited when it comes to driving there and parking.

Piran Coastline

While this might not sound like an advantage, it is actually something quite nice as there are hardly any cars in the whole city. The special location of Piran also explains a lot about its beauty due to the lack of major streets, historic remains of the town walls as well as the incredible situation that you are always close to the sea regardless of where in Piran you are.

The old Town Walls of Piran

If you happen to visit Piran, one of the things you should have a look at for sure are the town walls.

Piran Town Walls

Those are located in the higher areas of the city, where it once was guarded of from the rest of the peninsula by high walls, which protected the city for centuries. Till today, the walls are in quite a good condition and you can walk along them for a while.

There’s also an entrance gate, which allows you to get onto the walls for a payment of 1 Euro. Unfortunately, the machine (there are no people) didn’t work when we were visiting, making it impossible to walk on rather than next to the walls. This area (we couldn’t visit) has also some explanations about the wall etc. When you are up on the “mountain”, you can also enjoy a very nice view of the city.

The “skyline” might not be comparable to Hong Kong, but it’s still beautiful!

The St. George’s Parish Church Piran

Another highlight of visiting Piran is the St. George’s Parish Church, which is located on an elevated area on one side of the city center. You can already spot the church from the plateau the town walls are located on.

Piran St. George's Parish Church

After descending, you’ll get a closer look at the small, but beautiful church.

You can also enter and enjoy the inner beauty of the building.

Piran St. George's Parish Church

Other than that it’s worth noting that there are some fascinating views and pathways right next to the church. Those lead you along the coast and allow incredible views.

If you continue from the St. George’s Parish Church to the tip of the peninsula, you’ll also get to a small “castle” of-sorts, which stands out from the other buildings.

Piran Tower

From here on, you can walk back to the city center along the promenade.

Tartini Square and Piran Harbour

As I’ve said, Piran isn’t a very big city and thus the number of highlights is limited. However, there are lovely little streets, a very pretty promenade and some beautiful buildings.

The main area you should spend your time at is Tartini Square, where one of the other churches as well as the court are located.

Piran Tartini Square

This is also the area where most restaurants are located.

Right next to the Tartini Square, you can also spot the harbor of Piran, which is surrounded by a couple of further interesting buildings.

Among those is the Museo del Mar, in case you are interested in the sea and the sea life.

Personally, I liked the harbor area the most at night. At that time, the lighting is just fascinating and makes Piran look even cuter.

Overall impressions of Piran

Piran is a tiny city and you can surely see everything in two or three hours. Nevertheless, visiting is totally worth it, in my opinion. There are dozens of beautiful buildings, lovely tiny streets and a few sights, including the town walls and the St. George’s Parish Church. Last but not least, there’s not only a very nice harbor, but you can enjoy incredible sea views all the time, regardless of whether you are in the higher parts of town or at the promenade. If you are in the area, definitely take some time to stop in Piran!

Have you been to Piran? What do you like most about the city?

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