Airport Guide: Cairo International Airport

Cairo Airport, also known as Cairo International Airport, is the biggest airport in Egypt and known for very low premium fares on several carriers. In this Airport Guide, we’ll explain all you need to know about departing, arriving and transiting in Cairo.

While the Cairo International Airport isn’t known to be the most comfortable airport to transit at, it went through quite a transformation lately. Terminal 3 was just inaugurated in 2009, while Terminal 2 was recently overhauled and is now connected to Terminal 3.


Only Terminal 1 is still relatively bad, which might be something to consider when choosing your airline. Obviously, Egypt Air is dominating the market at Cairo Airport with dozens of domestic, international and long haul destinations. Nile Air is the only other airline with more than ten destinations.

Shopping and dining at Cairo International Airport

Cairo Airport comes with shopping and dining options in all terminals of the airport. However, you shouldn’t expect a shopping paradise like you’d find it at other international hubs in Europa, Asia or the Americas. Instead, you can get all your daily needs, souvenirs, basic clothing, press etc. at Cairo Airport, but won’t find any luxury shops.

Cairo Airport Duty Free

The only terminal with a better infrastructure is Terminal 3, where you can find a couple of interesting shops in the international area. When it comes to dining, there are a few cafés, bars and restaurants, but the focus is on quick snacks rather than proper meals. It’d definitely not worth spending a lot of time at Cairo Airport for a shopping and dining experience.

Sleeping at Cairo International Airport

According to, it’s possible to spend a night at Terminal 3 of Cairo Airport. The terminal is open 24 hours a day and there a couple of comfortable areas to sleep. However, you should be very careful as there are some reports of theft. If you are looking for a more comfortable option to spend your night at Cairo Airport, there is a hotel directly connected to the airport (Terminal 3).

Running in Cairo

There are several luxury hotels in Cairo

Le Meridien Cairo Airport offers modern and comfortable rooms on a luxury standard, but tends to be quite expensive. However, there are a couple of different hotels, among those several chain hotels, available. Thus, you’ll be able to find a good option for yourself when planning an overnight stay near Cairo Airport.

Lounges at Cairo International Airport

Cairo International Airport with a couple of different frequent flyer lounges. Terminal 3 houses a total of five different lounges operated by Egypt Air, all open for Egypt Air frequent flyers as well as Star Alliance frequent flyers and premium passengers.

Egypt Air Lounge Cairo

Egypt Air operates five lounges at Cairo Airport

Other than that, there are three independent so-called First Class Lounges (one in each terminal), which can be accessed with Priority Pass or for a fee. The only other airline operating a lounge at Cairo Airport is Saudia (Terminal 2).

All lounges at Cairo Airport:

  • Egypt Air Lounges (T3): Star Alliance Business and First Class passengers and Star Alliance Gold members
  • Saudi Al Fourzhan Lounge (T2): SkyTeam Business and First Class passengers and SkyTeam Elite Plus members
  • First Class Lounges (T1, T2, T3): Priority Pass, various airlines, paid entrance

Transportation at Cairo Airport

Getting from the airport into town is quite difficult in Cairo. While there are public buses, those are not really usable with luggage and the whole system is hard to understand for tourists visiting. There is hardly any information available in the internet or in English. Taxis are another option to get to the city, but you need to negotiate the price before entering a car as drivers tend to overcharge foreigners. Other than that, you can use Uber at Cairo Airport or just a limousine service or hotel transfer services.

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