Hotel Review: InterContinental Prague

The InterContinental Prague is a luxury hotel in the city center of the Czech Capital. While the hotel offers a wide range of facilities, I wasn’t completely happy with my stay. In this review, I’ll explain what you can expect of staying at the IC Prague.

I’ve been to Prague a couple of times and I’ve stayed at the Hilton Prague, The Mark Prague and other hotels in the city. However, I decided to try something new and check out the InterContinental in the city. The luxury hotel is quite big and located in a rather odd looking futuristic building, which was chic three decades ago, but looks just strange today.

InterContinental Prague Lobby

Lobby of the InterContinental Prague

The check-in experience at the InterContinental Prague was okay. Even though the room wasn’t ready yet, we were already told about an upgrade to a Junior Suite thanks to my Ambassador membership. After heading to town for a while, we were back to see our room a mere three hours later.

Junior Suite at the InterContinental Prague

Thanks to my Ambassador membership I got a nice upgrade to a Junior Suite, which in fact felt like a real suite and reminded me a lot of the suite I had at the InterContinental London Park Lane. The biggest downside was the location on only the second floor right above the entrance.

InterContinental Prague Junior Suite View

Thus, there were proper views and people could actually watch in from downstairs (at least it felt like it). Other than that, the Junior Suite made a good impression on me. To my surprise, the suite came with two totally separated rooms. The living room had a couch, a coffee table with my Ambassador Treatment on it and a dining table of-sorts with four chairs.

InterContinental Prague Junior Suite Living Room

There was also a coffee machine on a table in the corner of the room.

The bedroom comes with a comfortable King Bed as well as a green armchair.

InterContinental Prague Junior Suite Bedroom

Opposite of the bed, there were a working desk with a proper office chair as well as a TV. What strikes me odd is why the working desk of the suite was located at such a strange place in the bedroom of a suite?

Well, I guess we’ll never know. Speaking of odd, the color scheme was “interesting”, too. Everything was more or less beige, brown, grey and gold and then there was one green armchair. Well.

InterContinental Prague Junior Suite Bedroom

What disappointed me the most about the Junior Suite was the bathroom though. Located right next to the bedroom, the bathroom had a sink, a toilet and a bidet as well as a shower-tub-combo with a shower curtain.

Sadly, the shower pressure was quite weak, too. In a suite, I’d definitely expect more of a suite and especially no shower curtain.

Room Service at the InterContinental Prague

After enjoying a glass of wine as our welcome drink, we decided to have a lazy evening and ordered room service. We went for a Chicken Caesar Salad and a Risotto.

InterContinental Prague Room Service

Both dishes were nicely presented and came with a bread basket. Quality and taste were very good, too. So, dining is definitely one of the areas where the InterContinental Prague excels.

However, food and drinks aren’t cheap here by Czech standards.

Breakfast at the InterContinental Prague

If you’re looking at the pictures I’m presenting of our breakfast at the InterContinental Prague, you’ll most likely be positively surprised.

InterContinental Prague Breakfast

Breakfast Buffet at the InterContinental Prague

The buffet had everything you might dream of, from cheese to cold cuts, to breads, bread rolls, pastries, fresh fruits, veggies, muesli, yogurt and even a couple of Asian options. Sounds like an amazing breakfast?

Well, reality was a little bit different as the restaurant truly overcrowded during our stay. While we were given a nice table (due to it being my birthday), the service was truly awful. We never got either our hot drinks or the ordered egg dishes in a full 40 minutes.

InterContinental Prague Breakfast

After that time, we decided to leave as we had to catch a train to Vienna.

Pool & Gym at the InterContinetal Prague

The InterContinental Prague offers several facilities on-site. Those include a full-service Spa, an indoor heated swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a sauna and a steam bath as well as a fully equipped gym. My expectations weren’t totally met though as the pool, while not small, wasn’t very good for swimming.

InterContinental Prague Pool

Additionally, I found that area with its few loungers lacked atmosphere and wasn’t in the best condition anymore.

The garden, however, is beautiful and comes with a couple more loungers. If temperatures allow, this is definitely where you should relax.

InterContinental Prague Garden

Let’s briefly speak about the gym, which I liked very much. It’s not the most modern gym, but there are dozens of different machines in a very spacious area with daylight.

Definitely a good place for a work-out and even though there are also non-residents in the gym, it didn’t feel very crowded to me.

Overall impressions of the InterContinental Prague

All in all, I enjoyed my stay at the InterContinental Prague. The hotel has a great location, spacious rooms and offers the typical services you’d expect at a luxury hotel. While the rooms are aging, they are still in a decent condition, only the bathrooms need an update rather sooner than later. The dining experience was great and the choice and quality at breakfast was amazing, too. Sadly, the service at breakfast was horrible. Other than that, there are an okay pool, a very nice garden and a good gym. While expensive, the InterContinental Prague generally is a good choice for a stay in Prague. However, I wouldn’t necessarily stay here again as there are a lot of other interesting options in Prague.

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