Transportation in Marseille

Transportation in Marseille is quite easy to understand. Information is available in French and English and the transportation system is quite efficient, the city even comes with a practical underground system. In this transportation guide we’ll explain how you can get around in the city!

Marseille is not only one of the major cities in France, it also comes with an important train station with high speed connections to several important cities in France, but also to Switzerland, Italy and even Great Britain. Additionally, there are several regional services.

Marseille TGV

The French train network is very efficient, so it’s very easy to get around in the region and for example, do day trips to the Côte d’Azur or Aix-en-Provence.

Metro in Marseille

Not only the regional network with TER trains is good in Marseille, the city also comes with an efficient, but old metro. There are two lines, which have been extended quite a bit over the years. The two lines are both crossing the city center on different routes, meeting twice.

Marseille Metro

Once at the St. Charles Train Station and once at Castellane, further out of the city center. Line 1 also stops at the important tourist center Vieux-Port. Line 2 is expected to be expanded even further in the next years, while a third line is planned, too. However, the new line won’t become reality for at least another decade. It’s worth noting that the airport of Marseille isn’t connected to the city by rail.

Metro Lines in Marseille:

  • Line 1: La Rose ↔  St-Charles ↔  Vieux Port↔ Castellane ↔ La Fourragère
  • Line 2: Bougainville ↔ St-Charles ↔ Castellane ↔ Dromel

Trams in Marseille

There is also an extensive tram system of Marseille, which consists of three lines, which were all inaugurated in the last years. The trams are partly operating in the city center, but were mainly built to connect the outer areas of the city with the center. There are a few connections to the metro, but the systems are mainly complementing each other and have different routes.

Marseille Tram

At the same time, the whole system is integrated, which means that you can easily switch between the metro and trams. The tram network is supposed to be extended in the upcoming years and might even be connected with the tram system of the neighboring city of Aubagne.

Tram Lines in Marseille:

  • Line 1: Noailles ↔ Les Caillols
  • Line 2: Arenc le Silo ↔ Bahnhof La Blancarde
  • Line 3: Arenc le Silo ↔ Castellane

Buses in Marseille

In addition to the trams and the metro in Marseille, there is an extensive bus network with more than 100 lines. Interestingly, only very few buses are operating after 9:30 pm, but other than that, the system is very efficient and offers connections between metro and tram stations as well as areas not connected to the other means of transportation. All buses are quite modern and comfortable. In Marseille, all public transportation is interconnected with the same system. Tickets for single journeys are 1.50 Euro (1.90 Euro when bought at the bus driver) and day tickets are 5.20 Euro. There are also other options like a 3-day-ticket or a weekly ticket, which are more affordable for longer visits. Be aware that the airport bus isn’t operated by the same company and thus has different fares.

Taxis in Marseille

If you don’t want to use the public transportation in Marseille, you can also use taxis. Those are quite expensive compared to the very affordable public system though. The base fare is particularly high with 5 Euro, making shorter journeys very expensive. Every kilometer is charged at around 1.30 Euro. Taxis are generally quite modern and in a good condition. During the day, a taxi ride from the city center to the airport is 50 Euro, while it is 60 Euro during the night. That’s ten times the price of the public bus. As an alternative, you may also use apps like Uber in Marseille.

Other means of transportation in Marseille

Marseille is getting more and more important when it comes to tourism, which also means that there is quite a development when it comes to different transportation options.

Marseille Tourist Train

Thus, there are a couple of typical touristic means of transportation now, including hop-on-hop-off buses. Other than that, Marseille has city bikes, water taxis and a couple of other means of transportation.

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