Running in Verona

Running in Verona is a great experience. As the river goes around the city center, you can run on a beautiful promenade for a couple of kilometers. Follow my running experience and follow up by running in Verona yourself!

When I went running in Verona, I was really blessed with the weather. It was not only sunny, but also comfortably warm, while not too hot – we’re speaking of January here!

  • Distance: 4 Kilometers
  • Calories burned: 225-275
  • Month: Janury
  • Weather: Sunny

I started my run at the Due Torri Hotel Verona, where I spent my two nights in the city and decided to run along the Adige River in the direction of the train station. In this run, I didn’t cover a lot of sights in Verona, but you can learn more about those by reading my Verona City Guide!

Incredibly beautiful views of the river

Even though I just went for a rather quick run, I could have went on forever for the incredibly beautiful views of the river alone.

Running in Verona

When running along the Adige River, you will not only find decent pathways (mostly paved) on both sides, but you can also enjoy views of the mountains in the background.

The beautiful houses and historic character of Verona around the river doesn’t hurt either.

Especially with the sunny weather, running along the river and just soaking in impressions of the city and its architecture is something truly amazing I can just recommend to everyone!

Beautiful churches and a lot of history

If you are running in Verona, you’ll find yourself in a truly historic setting with historic buildings all around. The most noteworthy on my short run were the impressive entrance of the Cimitero Monumentale, the San Fiermo Church and the Santa Anastasia Church.

Running in Verona

Especially the San Fiermo Church is really beautiful and definitely worth visiting, too (when you are not running obviously).

Running in Verona

While I usually cover more sights and historic buildings on my runs, in this instance I decided to just follow the river as the atmosphere for running there is just amazing. Due to that, this running guide is one of the shorter ones, but I hope that you enjoyed it nevertheless.

If you are interested in more impressions of the city of Verona, be sure to check out my city guide. If you just love running, be sure to follow the river to enjoy views of the city and the mounts in the background – I’m sure you’ll love it!

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  1. Wow that does look like a beautiful run! I love running when visiting a city as I feel like I see more that way:)

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