City Guide: Trieste

Trieste is an often overlooked city in Italy, which comes with a very charming city center, an old castle and much more. The location of Trieste very close to the Slovenian border and right by the sea, makes it an amazing destination for tourists. In this City Guide, I’ll explain what you need to see when visiting Trieste!

I’ve been to quite a few cities in Italy, including Rome, Venice, Milan, Bologna and Verona. Without a doubt, all of these places are beautiful. However, I particularly liked exploring Trieste as the city felt very relaxed and not as touristic as many other places in Italy. The reason for that might be the location far of to the east of the country, with the next major city (Venice) being around two hours away. However, Trieste is not only interesting by itself, but there are also several lovely coastal towns nearby, those are including the lovely city of Piran in Slovenia, for example.

Piazza Unita and the heart of Trieste

If there is one spot in Trieste that you have to see for sure, it is the Piazza Unita. It’s location in the city center, yet just a few steps from the seafront, makes it an incredibly beautiful place.

Piazza Unita Trieste

Not only is the atmosphere due to the location great, but there are also several historic buildings at the Piazza Unita. First of all, there’s the beautiful Comune di Trieste (City Hall).

Comune di Trieste

Even more beautiful in my opinion is the Palazzo del Governo (Government House).

Palazzo del Governo Trieste

However, there are a few further candidates for the title of the most beautiful building in this part of Trieste: The Palace of Lloyd of Trieste, the Palazzo Pitteri and a couple more.

When in this area of Trieste, I’d also recommend having a closer look at the very interesting Fontana dei Quattro Continenti, which you can’t miss.

Molo Audace & Ponte Rosso in Trieste

Very close to the Piazza Unita, you can find the so-called Molo Audace. This is a little jetty, from which you can enjoy beautiful views of the city, the harbor and the sea.

Molo Audace Triest

I’d definitely recommend walking there and maybe walking along the seafront for a while. Especially with good weather, this is one of the most beautiful areas in Trieste.

Another incredible spot is the so-called Ponte Rosso Canal. While the Ponte Rosso itself is quite nice, I just loved the canal with several beautiful historic buildings on both sides.

Triest Ponte Rosso Canal

Those include the Palazzo Carciotti, the Palazzo Gopcevich and more.

One of the highlights here is the beautiful and very special Saint Spyridon Church Triest.

You may also have a look at the Sant’Antonio Taumaturgo Church, which I found to be quite beautiful, too.

Borsa, Teatro Romano and Basilica di San Silvestro Trieste

When you are already at the Sant’Antonio Taumaturgo Church, I’d recommend checking out the Via Lazarro, which is not only beautiful, but also comes with some great shopping options.

Via Lazzaro Triest

Yet, that’s not all. You can also find the Borsa as well as the Piazza del Borsa just a few hundred meters away, another beautiful spot you shouldn’t miss.

Other highlights in this area include the historic Teatro Romano and the Basilica di San Silvestro.

The Santa Maria Maggiore Church is just a few steps away from the Basilica, too. If you’ve got time, I’d also recommend walking a bit further into the city (away from the sea) to check out the Trieste Cathedral as well as the historic castle of Trieste. Sadly, we didn’t have enough time to see this area of Trieste, but I’m sure it’s worth it!

Historic buildings around the Garden of Freedom Square

Another area of Trieste I’d recommend checking out, is the Garden of Freedom Square. This one is located right next to train station, maybe a ten-minute-walk away from the city center.

Triest Central Station

On the way to the train station, you’ll already spot a couple of beautiful historic buildings and palaces, including the Generali Building as well as the Banca d’Italia.

When you’ve arrived at the square, you’ll not only find a beautiful park, but also a couple of interesting buildings.

Even though I’m not sure whether all of these buildings have a particular name, they are beautiful enough to check them out for sure!

Overall impressions of Trieste

All in all, I can just recommend visiting Trieste. The city has a beautiful location right by the sea, which allows you to stroll along the promenade for a long time. That’s not all though as there are dozens of dozens beautiful buildings, which tell you a lot about the charm of historic Italy. Be it the main square of the city or any other area, walking through the streets of Trieste feels amazing. If you happen to be in nearby Slovenia or just love visiting less touristic spots, Trieste is where you need to go!

Have you been to Trieste? Feel free to ask anything or share your impressions in the comments!

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