Hotel Review: DoubleTree Zanzibar Stone Town

The DoubleTree Zanzibar Stone Town is one of two DoubleTree properties on the island. It’s not a resort, but rather located in the old historic center of town. My expectations were exceeded overall and I’d definitely recommend staying at this hotel.

As one of many more DoubleTree hotels in Africa, the Zanzibar Stone Town property opened just a few years ago and thus has quite a modern touch. The location is unique, too.

  • Classification: Four Stars
  • Room Category: One Bedroom Suite
  • Month of Stay: June

The property can’t be reached by car, but instead you have to stop a few hundred meters away and walk the rest of the way. You’ll find a small entrance to the hotel in a building, which basically looks like a normal house. However, you’ll see by the good condition and the nice lobby that you’re at the hotel. The check-in experience was quick and the employee was friendly. As usual, there was a nice DoubleTree Cookie as a welcome amenity.

DoubleTree Zanzibar Stone Town Cookie

Plus, I was informed about a suite upgrade due to my Hilton Honors Diamond Status. Something that happens to me surprisingly often at DoubleTree hotels, for example at the DoubleTree Doha Old Town or the DoubleTree Santiago.

One Bedroom Suite at the DoubleTree Zanzibar Stone Town

The One Bedroom Suite at the DoubleTree Zanzibar Stone Town comes with a comfortable size of approximately 60 square meters. Upon entering, you’re finding yourself in the small living room, which has a couch, a chair, a coffee table and a TV.

It’s not the most cozy place though. The bedroom is another room and comes with a comfortable King Bed, two nightstands, a chair with another coffee table, another flat-screen television and a medium-sized working desk, which comes with a very nice office chair.

The suite also comes with a complimentary (!) minibar, which had beer and soft drinks. While there was not much in the way of views, the room had a total of three windows facing other buildings.

The bathroom was a little disappointing for a suite though. It’s just a small room with a single sink, a toilet and a walk-in shower with decent shower pressure. All in all, I enjoyed the suite at the DoubleTree Zanzibar Stone Town due to the comfortable size, the modern interior and the very fitting local design. It’s also worth noting that a very nice selection of sweets and fruits was brought to our room later on.

DoubleTree Zanzibar Stone Town Sweets

What a nice and cute touch!

Breakfast at the DoubleTree Zanzibar Stone Town

Even though we stayed for a total of two nights, we only had breakfast once as our flight on the last day left at 6 am. Breakfast is either served in your room or in the hotel’s restaurant on the top floor.

DoubleTree Zanzibar Stone Town Restaurant

We chose the latter and were amazed by the nice seating options on the terrace and the lovely views over the city and the ocean.

DoubleTree Zanzibar Stone Town Restaurant View

The food on display wasn’t bad, but not overwhelming either. There were cut fruits, salad, a few cold cuts, veggies, cheese, a few pastries and bakery items, muesli and three hot options.

The quality was all right, but nothing to get excited about.

DoubleTree Zanzibar Stone Town Breakfast

The best thing about the breakfast spread are the made-to-order omelettes, which were very good.

Dinner at the DoubleTree Zanzibar Stone Town

With lots of work on schedule and a lot of sightseeing during the day, we ended up having most meals in the hotel. We chose to have room service twice, while we had a small snack in the late afternoon in the restaurant. The latter experience was especially nice due to the beautiful sunset.

DoubleTree Zanzibar Stone Town Restaurant View

The wrap with potatoes was good, yet not remarkable.

DoubleTree Zanzibar Stone Town Lunch

The room service experience at the DoubleTree Zanzibar Stone Town was way better. We splurged a little bit and had the lobster, a local dish and some ice cream once.

The other time we had a curry and a local fish.

All of the options were not only very tasty, but also quite big. The value for the money is quite good (especially for a hotel) and the service was friendly and quick. All in all, the dining experience at the DoubleTree Zanzibar Stone Town is very good.

Gym at the DoubleTree Zanzibar Stone Town

First of all, it’s worth noting that it is remarkable that a small hotel as the DoubleTree Zanzibar Stone Town comes with a gym. Second, you shouldn’t expect too much in an African country in terms of the sports experience. That said, the gym at the DT Zanzibar was alright, but nothing more. There’s a treadmill, a bike, a stepper as well as a bench with some weights.

I didn’t actively miss anything, but if there are more than two people in the gym, it gets crowded quickly. There’s also a lack of daylight and the gym was quite hot both times I visited.

Overall impressions of the DoubleTree Zanzibar Stone Town

The DoubleTree Zanzibar Stone Town is not on the level of the stunning Park Hyatt Zanzibar next door, which has a whole different location, level, but also price point. However, the DoubleTree is still a great option if you are looking for great value for the money and a local touch. The hotel has something very charming about it, the interior totally fits the narrative of Stone Town and the food options in the restaurant are great. While breakfast isn’t particularly amazing, the nice terrace and its views make up for it. The gym is the only weakness in a hotel that surprised me very positively overall. I’d definitely stay here again and will remember my stay as one of my best Hilton experiences ever.

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