Running in Bristol

Running in Bristol is a very enjoyable experience as the city allows running along its various rivers and canals. If you happen to visit Bristol, I’d highly recommend giving it a try!

My running guides mainly serve the purpose of showing you why running in particular places is a great thing to do. In Bristol, this is particularly true as you can enjoy running along water basically everywhere in the city center.

  • Distance: 5 Kilometers
  • Calories burned: 250-300
  • Month: October
  • Weather: Cloudy

Speaking of my particular run, I started at the DoubleTree Bristol City Centre and then ran in the direction of the city center. Sadly, the weather wasn’t on my side on this October morning as it was grey and not especially inviting.

Running along the river to the city center

Running in Bristol is quite nice for a couple of reasons. The most important one is that you can run along the water basically everywhere in the city. Upon exiting the hotel, I was at the water in just two minutes.

Running in Bristol

From there, I just ran in the direction of the city center, while enjoying the views of the water, the modern (and historic) ships and parts of the harbor. This part of Bristol is especially nice for running as there are hardly any cars if you are taking the right route.

Upon getting closer to the city center, you’ll have to cross one or another bigger street though. However, there are a couple of pedestrian only bridges, which adds some comfort for running.

Exploring the city center of Bristol while running

I’ve mentioned that there is more than just one reason that Bristol is a nice city for running. The city center is another reason as there are a couple of areas, where you can run through parks and cross some squares without having to deal with cars.

Running in Bristol

On this run, I crossed the modern and stylish Anchor Square and went on to the College Green, where you can also find the Cathedral of Bristol and a couple of other nice historic buildings.

However, be aware that this area is a little elevated. Nevertheless, running up here isn’t too bad and quite enjoyable as soon as you are in the College Green.

Running back along the Bristol Marina

Even though the city center is quite nice for running, I still preferred the riverside. Thus, I decided to leave the city center again and run in the direction of the Bristol Marina, where you can also find the historic Brunel’s SS Great Britain, which is worth looking at.

Running in Bristol

In this area, you can also find a very interesting new part of Bristol, which comes with modern houses in a very distinct style.

From here, I’d recommend to just follow the river a little more or run back to where you started along the water. That’s what I did and is the reason why I also had the chance to check out Millennium Square.

Just before getting back to the hotel, I also had a look at the nice St. Mary Redcliffe Church.

Running in Bristol

All in all, running in Bristol is a very enjoyable experience, even with bad weather. Should you be in the city, be sure to allocate some time for an enjoyable run!

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