Lounge Review: Hamburg Airport Lounge

The Hamburg Airport Lounge is an independent lounge at Germany’s fifth most important airport. To my surprise, the lounge is actually one of the nicest airport lounges not operated by an airline in Germany. Read why in this extensive review!

The Hamburg Airport Lounge is one of four lounges at Hamburg Airport. In case you are not flying with a Star Alliance airline or Emirates, you most likely have access to this lounge when holding a Business Class ticket or an according status with the airline or alliance. Additionally, Priority Pass members enjoy access to this lounge. Luckily, the lounge is nicely located after security on the second level, just five to ten minutes to all departure gates at Hamburg Airport.

Seating in the Hamburg Airport Lounge

The main argument for the Hamburg Airport Lounge is its airy location “above” the main terminal. The lounge is on an elevated level on-top of the shops and restaurants of the airport and thus doesn’t have any proper walls or a ceiling.

Hamburg Airport Lounge VIew

This makes the lounge very bright and airy and thus quite atmospheric, it tends to get a little loud though.

Hamburg Airport Lounge Seating

The seating arrangements in the lounge are quite various with some typical lounge armchairs, high-top seating, different types of couches and further types of different armchairs.

While the furniture doesn’t look particularly fancy, the design is quite well done as it’s quite twisty. This allows some more privacy than in most other lounges and makes the lounge a good place to work or relax.

Hamburg Airport Lounge Seating

During all my visits, I’ve never seen the lounge crowded, so this is definitely another plus. The views of the tarmac in the distance are quite nice, too.

Hamburg Airport Lounge VIew

Especially compared to other Priority Pass Lounges in Germany, including the Atlantic Lounge Munich, I liked the Hamburg Airport Lounge very much.

Buffet of the Hamburg Airport Lounge

While not great, the buffet of the Hamburg Airport Lounge is better than what I’m used to from other Priority Pass lounges, too. That’s even true compared to some airport lounges in Germany like the Air France Lounge Berlin-Tegel.

Hamburg Airport Lounge Buffet

In Hamburg, there’s usually a nice selection of olives, different salads, pretzels, various cakes, pastries, whole fruits and snacks. I’ve seen sandwiches, scrambled eggs and a couple of sandwiches here, too.

The drink selection is alright, too. There are a couple of soft drinks, an okay coffee machine, the typical soft drinks, juices as well as wine, beer and spirits.

All in all, it’s still not a great selection, but better than what I’m used to from other independent lounges. It’s particularly noteworthy that everything tastes fresh.

Entertainment in the Hamburg Airport Lounge

The Hamburg Airport Lounge comes with a totally fine selection of entertainment options. Let’s speak of traditional options first: There’s a wide range of newspapers and magazines, mainly German and English, but even in some other languages, too.

Then there are a couple of work stations, which come with privacy shields and thus feel like a good place to get some (confidential) work done. On some stations, you can find computers, other just have plugs.

Hamburg Airport Lounge Business Center

The WiFi in the lounge is quick, but has a rather annoying log-in system, which didn’t work for me at first. Last but not least, there are a couple of televisions showing news channels on mute. All in all, everything you need at an airport lounge!

Overall impressions of the Hamburg Airport Lounge

The Hamburg Airport Lounge is one of the better Priority Pass lounges out there. It’s practically located after security, not far away from the gates. The seating options are various, comfortable and come in a nice layout. In addition, the lounge feels airy, never was crowded during my visits and comes with a totally decent snack buffet. Sure, it’s not the best lounge buffet out there, but okay to snack something and have a drink. The entertainment options are good, too. All in all, a lounge I wouldn’t mind hanging out for an hour or so prior to my flight.

Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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