Hotel Review: Hilton Alexandria King’s Ranch

The Hilton Alexandria King’s Ranch is a luxury hotel located a couple of kilometers away from the city center. It’s definitely the nicest hotel in Egypt, but the location leaves a lot to be desired. In this review, I’ll explain what you need to know about the hotel!

The Hilton Alexandria King’s Ranch is one of three different Hilton properties in the city. It’s located further away from the city center than the other two and is more a resort than a city hotel.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Suite
  • Month of Stay: December

We’ve also stayed at the Hilton Alexandria Corniche, which has its strengths, but also its weaknesses. The King’s Ranch property, a mere 20 kilometers from the city center, is a whole different story though.

Hilton Alexandria King's Ranch Lobby

It’s a newly built resort in the middle of nowhere, making it beautiful from the inside, but totally boring when it comes to leaving the hotel.

Suite at the Hilton Alexandria King’s Ranch

Being a Hilton Diamond member, I had the pleasure to enjoy an upgrade to a Suite. Sadly, this one was facing the parking lot rather than the pool. Nevertheless, I very much enjoyed the room. Upon entering, you’ll find yourself in a small foyer, before getting to the living room.

Hilton Alexandria King's Ranch Suite Living Room

This one has a working desk with a comfortable chair and a nice sitting area with a couch, two armchairs and a coffee table, all facing a flat-screen television.

The bedroom is substantially smaller with just the very comfortable and beautifully designed King Bed, two spacious nightstands, another armchair with a coffee table and a flat-screen television.

Both rooms have access to a spacious balcony, which is only sparsely furnished.

Hilton Alexandria King's Ranch Suite Balcony

The views of the parking lot are nothing to talk home about either.

Hilton Alexandria King's Ranch Suite Balcony View

At the same time, it’s worth noting that the design of the rooms at the Hilton Alexandria King’s Ranch is truly beautiful. Everything seems high quality and looks very nice. Other hotels in Egypt like the Conrad Cairo are very aged, the Hilton King’s Ranch is the complete opposite. The big fruit basket was another really welcome addition.

Hilton Alexandria King's Ranch Suite Welcome Treatment

The bathroom of our suite was a little odd. It comes with two entrances, one in the living, one in the bedroom. At the same time, the shape of the bathroom isn’t particularly straightforward.

Hilton Alexandria King's Ranch Suite Bathroom

First, there’s a room with two sinks, a toilet and a bidet (connected to the living room), then another door and another room with the bathtub and a walk-in shower (connected to the bedroom). Everything here is modern and the shower pressure is good, so there’s nothing bad to say.

All in all, I enjoyed our suite at the Hilton Alexandria King’s Ranch very much. The only issue is that the housekeeping didn’t do that great of a job.

Executive Lounge at the Hilton Alexandria King’s Ranch

Even though the Hilton Alexandria King’s Ranch is more of a resort than a city hotel, the property comes with an Executive Lounge. As a Diamond member, not only me, but my whole family enjoyed access.

Hilton Alexandria King's Ranch Gym

Weirdly enough, there was hardly anybody else in the lounge, ever. The lounge itself was quite decent though, but didn’t have much in the terms of views. The food offerings (there was no breakfast here, but rather in the restaurant) were okay. The only real meal was the evening spread, which had two hot dishes (with side dishes), which were freshly cooked, and a couple of starters and desserts.

Nothing fancy, but alright. The drink selection was mainly about soft drinks and water as well as wine and beer in the evening.

Breakfast at the Hilton Alexandria King’s Ranch

Breakfast at the property is served in the main restaurant, overlooking the pool. The breakfast spread is big and comes with several options from the Western and the Middle Eastern cuisine.

While I enjoyed the local specialties (cold and warm) as well as the fresh fruits, everything else was mediocre at best. The pastries, breads and other Western options just didn’t taste any good. An exception were the freshly prepared egg dishes.

Hilton Alexandria King's Ranch Breakfast

Sadly, the service wasn’t especially good either.

Lunch & Dinner at the Hilton Alexandria King’s Ranch

We ended up eating at the Hilton Alexandria King’s Ranch a couple of times as there’s nothing around. Via room service, we had a pizza, local mezze and some carpaccio. Those were all good or very good.

One of our dinners in the restaurant wasn’t very good though as we had some sort of tapas and a beef filet, both either overcooked or just not very tasty.

The hamburger we had another day wasn’t great either. However, the local dinner in the Lebanese restaurant was exceptionally good.

Hilton Alexandria King's Ranch Dinner

Thus, I’d recommend sticking to the local specialties and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the food and beverage options.

Hilton Alexandria King's Ranch Dinner

The pizza is a good alternative, too. It’s also worth noting that all the food here is extremely cheap by Western standards.

Pools, Gym & Spa at the Hilton Alexandria King’s Ranch

What sets the hotel apart and makes it way better than other “resorts” in Egypt like the Hilton Pyramids Golf Resort, are the amazing recreation facilities. Let’s start with the gym, which is very big and comes with modern Precor equipment.

There are plenty of cardio and strength machines as well as a very nice selection of free weights, all with views of the outdoor pool.

Hilton Alexandria King's Ranch Outdoor Pool

The latter was too cold when we visited, but looked great for swimming laps or just relaxing on a hot day. Luckily, the Hilton comes with another indoor pool below reception.

Hilton Alexandria King's Ranch Indoor Pool

It’s a little dark and not too big, but it’s okay for swimming and nicely heated. Additionally, there’s an extensive Spa, which was complimentary for Hilton Diamond members.

Hilton Alexandria King's Ranch Spa

Here, you can enjoy two further pools, a sauna, a steam bath and more.

All in all, very well rounded offerings, which make spending a couple of days here very enjoyable.

Overall impressions of the Hilton Alexandria King’s Ranch

The Hilton Alexandria King’s Ranch might be one of the best hotels in all Egypt, judging solely by the facilities. The rooms and suites are beautifully appointed, modern and cozy. The pools, the gym and the spa are great, too. Everything else is on a decent level, but not exceptional. Breakfast is okay, the several food options we tried were between bad, mediocre and quite good and the service often left a bit to be desired. Nevertheless, I’d recommend this property to everyone looking for some relaxation, but not for visiting the city of Alexandria.

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