Airline Review: Swiss First Class Boeing 777

The Swiss First Class in the Boeing 777 might be one of the best flight experiences you’ll ever experience. Join me in this review to learn more about why flying in the Swiss First Class is such an incredible experience, which is topped by the new aircraft!

Swiss is operated a fleet of three different long haul aircraft, the Airbus A330, the Airbus A340 and the Boeing 777. The latter is the new flagship and features the newest First Class product. When a great deal for Business & First Class round trip from Paris to Hong Kong appeared, I pulled the trigger and booked the trip for my girlfriend and me. After enjoying Business Class from Zurich to Hong Kong, on the way back we found ourselves in First Class.

Ground Experience flying in Swiss First Class

My experience in the Swiss First Class started quite bad, sadly. The check-in agent was helpful, but the promised personal assistant never appeared, not after the first mentioned 10 minutes nor after another 15 minutes. After going through security on our own, we were promised to be picked up at the lounge for boarding. Once again, nobody appeared. While I don’t need a private assistant, that part of the experience was truly horrible and was far away from any kind of First Class service.

Cabin & Seat of the Swiss First Class on the Boeing 777

Boarding was a swift process and we quickly found ourselves in the small First Class cabin. Swiss has eight First Class seats in its Boeing 777 aircraft, arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration with two rows.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Cabin

We took our seats in the second row of the full cabin. Here, we chose the two middle seats, which are quite close to one another, but there’s also a large blind which can be put up for full privacy.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Seat

Let’s speak about the seat in more detail. First and foremost, it’s worth noting that the seat feels incredibly wide and the seat pitch is basically endless.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Seat

The padding of the seat is made out of cloth, while the headrest is made out of leather. The finishes of the seat are rather bland with a combination of black and some white stitches. However, I thought that this design fits the airline very well.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Seat

The comfort of the seats is great in basically all possible positions. Even in upright position, you definitely won’ get any back pain here.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Seat

All seats come with a very long and broad sideboard, where a bottle of water and a glass are placed at boarding. Be aware that this area needs to be cleared for takeoff, taxi and landing.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Seat

What’s particularly great about the seats in the Swiss First Class is the incredible amount of privacy. Not only are there high walls on all sides anyways, but the seats also come with a door of-sorts.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Seat Door

It feels a little odd as you are basically pulling out the wardrobe to make the seat more private, but it works very well and makes you feel like you are sitting in a proper suite.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Seat Finishes

Once again, that’s not possible for taxi, take-off and landing.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Seat Finishes

As you’d expect in Swiss First Class, all seats come with tons of storage. You may store a large carry on underneath the ottoman right in front of your seat.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Seat Storage

Than, there’s the wardrobe, where you can store a couple of more things. On the ottoman, you can find a further literature pocket, which is filled with a couple of magazines.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Seat Storage

Another stowage department is located right next to the actual seat.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Seat Storage

Something else I think is worth pointing out is the fact that there is very nice indirect lighting at every seat, making the cabin feel very cozy even for nighttime flights. There’s a further reading light, too.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Seat

The controls of the seat are located in the side board, where you can also find two plugs and an entertainment controller.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Seat Controls

There are tons of possibilities for changing the seat in different positions. You can basically play around with all parts of the seat if you’d like.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Seat Controls

Some “easier” controls are located right next to this compartment. Obviously, you may also store valuables or your phone, while charging, in this very compartment.

Last but not least, it’s worth noting that the seats basically feel like a cinema as the Swiss First Class comes with incredible big screens. I haven’t seen something as amazing anywhere else, leaving aside the incredible Japan Airlines Business Class.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Seat

All in all, I think that the Swiss First Class in the Boeing 777 is an incredible hard product. The seat is very comfortable, extremely private, adjustable and also modern in terms of the controls etc. The atmosphere and calm in the cabin is another plus.

Sleeping in Swiss First Class

On this nighttime flight, sleep obviously was one of the most important things. Luckily, Swiss didn’t disappoint in this regard. After asking, my bed was made by the flight attendant in a matter of seconds. However, the proper pillow was forgotten at that time (what you can see on the pictures).

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Bed

The bedding per se is okay, but didn’t amaze all that much. There’s a duvet, which adds some softness, but the bed is still quite hard overall. The blanket has a very nice texture and feels soft, while the pillow is big enough, but could be a little firmer for my taste. Despite all of that, I slept extremely well despite severe turbulences on this flight. The dark cabin, combined with the utmost privacy and the very wide and long seat make the Swiss First Class a great place to sleep. However, I feel like the bedding could be improved a little bit.

Dining in Swiss First Class

Swiss is positioned as the premium carrier of the Lufthansa Group, so I was looking forward to testing whether the dining experience would be better than in Lufthansa First Class. The two menus (one for drinks, one for food) made a very good first impression on me.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Menus

A glass of champagne (Swiss serves Laurent-Perrier Grand Siècle in First Class) and a very tasty and nicely presented amuse bouche were a great start into the flight, despite us still being on the ground.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Welcome Snack Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Welcome Snack

Up in the air, service continued with some nuts and a glass of white wine.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Dinner

After that, the table was set and we were presented with a private bread basket with three rolls, some butter, oils as well as pepper and salt dispensers.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Dinner

The choice of food options was a little overwhelming if you ask me, but with six starters to choose from, I had at least give two a try. I went with the Balik Salmon first, which I found to be amazing.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Dinner

The seasonal salad served afterwards was surprisingly creative for a plane and had a good taste, too.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Dinner

My girlfriend just had a selection of local meals, which she enjoyed.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Dinner

For the main, I chose the fish, which was a cod fillet with an onion crust, served with braised lentils and snow peas. While I wasn’t sure what to expect, I loved the dish!

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Dinner

My girlfriend went with the special of this flight, the cheese fondue. It would be an understatement if I’d say that she only loved it 😉

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Dinner

Despite being quite full, I couldn’t resist to try the Swiss cheeses as a dessert. From the presentation you can tell that the dish was phenomenal.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Dinner

Interestingly, the options for breakfast were rather limited. Not that I was that hungry at this point, but there was not a lot of choice offered. Instead, we were served a bread basket with typical sides again. Then, there was a bircher muesli with fruits, a choice of cheeses of cold cuts and the option of getting some fresh fruits.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Breakfast

While I passed on the latter options, I loved the bircher muesli and the little bread basket. A main dish of choice, I went for the omelette, was served after. It might have been the best omelette I’ve ever eaten on a plane!

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Breakfast

Fresh juices and coffee specialties were offered, too. All in all, the catering in the Swiss First Class was phenomenal and it might be worth taking a flight just to experience this incredible dining experience.

Entertainment in Swiss First Class

After all these long sections, I’ll keep the entertainment section relatively brief. First of all, we were offered a choice of newspapers and magazines in German and English after boarding.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Newspaper

After that, vouchers for the WiFi on board were offered. First Class passengers usually get one voucher for 50 MB use complimentary, we were even given two on this flight for whatever reason.

Swiss First Class Internet Voucher

The log-in with the voucher is easy and the connection was surprisingly good. However, 50 MB don’t last long and unlike Lufthansa, Swiss always charges by consumption, making the WiFi quite expensive. However, the main means of entertainment in the Swiss First Class is definitely the incredible screen you have right in front of you.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Seat Entertainment

It definitely feels like a cinema when looking at this incredibly wide screen. You can control it with the handheld controller next to your seat, where you can even watch the airshow etc. while watching a movie.

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The selection of movies, full box sets, TV shows and music is great and I didn’t struggle to find anything. Many choices are also available in various languages.

Service in Swiss First Class

Usually, I don’t take too much time to judge service on a flight as it might not reflect what you can expect on your flight. However, the service on this particular flight seems to be exactly what it seems to be on all flights. We had a full cabin and a very polished crew. They were friendly helpful, but not overly engaging or chatty. That made up for a good atmosphere, which didn’t seem forced. This kind of distant service is exactly what to expect of Swiss First Class. This is very different to Etihad First Class, for example. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the flawless, but still distant service.

Amenities in Swiss First Class

Last but not least, let’s briefly speak about the amenities offered when flying in Swiss First Class. Upon boarding, you’ll find a pair of slippers and relatively good headphones next to your seat.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Slippers Headphones

The slippers were among the better ones I’ve ever gotten on a plane, but still felt quite flimsy.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Slippers

At boarding, you are also offered a pyjama in your size, which I found to be very comfortable and even took home after our flight (you can feel free to do so, too).

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Pyjama

Then, there’s an incredible amenity kit, which is different for men and women.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Amenity Kit

The kit for men had different cremes by La Prairie, a full size toothbrush, a large serving of toothpaste, a wooden comb, socks, eye shades, tissues, ear plugs, a shoe horn and even a package of Ricola.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Amenity Kit

I’m not sure whether there is anything that you’re missing here, but nothing really came to my mind, to be honest. Something very nice about Swiss First Class is that you have access to two lavatories (older planes only come with one First Class lavatory), which is shared with the captain and the crew.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Seat Lavatory

There was never any wait and the toilets were spotless at any time. While one is a little bigger than the other, both feel quite small for First Class. The design is quite nice though and you can even sit down to change.

Overall impressions of Swiss First Class

In my opinion, First Class is a luxury that nobody really needs. Does that mean that I hated my flight in Swiss First Class? Not at all. It was an incredible experience, something like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The seats (suites) are incredibly comfortable, allow you to rest perfectly overnight and come with an unparalleled privacy. The service and the dining experience are incredibly good, the entertainment system is on a whole other level and everything else seems to well rounded, too. If there wouldn’t have been the problems on the ground, this would have been by far my best flight ever. With the new Swiss First Class in the Boeing 777, the Lufthansa First Class got beaten!

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  1. I agree with you. However, flying Swiss economy is one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had. Worse than sardines. No room period. So I will keep saving up for my first class ticket 🙂

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