Hotel Review: The Reverie Saigon

The Reverie Saigon might be one of the most crazy luxury hotels out there. The recently opened five star hotel is definitely one of the best hotels in Saigon, but it’s quite over the top in some areas, too. Read this review to learn more about the crazy hotel!

In my life, I’ve seen a lot of amazing hotels, including the likes of The Chedi Andermatt or the Shutters on the Beach. The Reverie Saigon is a whole different story though as the property is totally over the top in several areas.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Grand Deluxe Room
  • Month of Stay: February

Let’s start with the lobby, which is located not on the ground floor, but above the 20’s and comes with an incredibly odd interior. There is tons of gold mixed with antique furniture and some more luxurious touches.

The whole experience is sort-of surreal. However, the staff checking us in was incredibly friendly and helpful, yet a little more distance than for example at La Residence Hue.

Grand Deluxe Room at The Reverie Saigon

Thank to the Leaders Club membership, we were upgraded to a Grand Deluxe Room, which is basically a corner room with a more fancy name. Speaking of a “room” is an understatement though as basically each and every category at the Reverie feels like a suite. Upon entering the room, you’re in a spacious foyer, which leads to the main room around a corner.

The Reverie Saigon Grand Deluxe Room

First, you’ll stumble into the wardrobe area, where you can also find a very well stocked complimentary minibar (non-alcoholic) as well as a coffee machine.

The room itself isn’t any less fancy. In this case, we had a room with two twin beds, both facing a spacious flat-screen television.

The Reverie Saigon Grand Deluxe Room

Opposite of the bed, you can also find a small sofa, from which you can soak in the nice views. Other than that, the room had a comfortable armchair and a very nice working desk with another chair.

While I appreciate the unique style, I would have actually preferred a proper working desk. There were even all the little office touches you might expect… just not in a hotel.

The Reverie Saigon Grand Deluxe Room Office

Nevertheless, the most amazing aspect of the room is something different: the views.

The Reverie Saigon Grand Deluxe Room View

We were in the 53rd floor and had a view to die for. Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows going all around the room, you can basically see the whole city from above. Incredible.

The Reverie Saigon Grand Deluxe Room View


I’ll leave you with judging the hotel’s style, which is truly luxurious (everything is absolutely high quality), but completely crazy at the same time.

Bathroom of the Grand Deluxe Room

The bathroom of our room at the Reverie Saigon is well worth talking about in its very own section. You may enter from either the bedroom or the foyer area.

The Reverie Saigon Grand Deluxe Room Bathroom

The latter entrance separates the two sink areas, which are both spacious and incredible well stocked with plenty of toiletries and amenities.

In the back of the bathroom, you’ll find two separate stalls, one housing the (Japanese) and the other one being home of the rain shower, which comes with a great water pressure. Something I didn’t like about the design is the fact that both doors are see through, which basically means that you can see somebody else from the main room or the rest of the bathroom when on the toilet (you can close the doors to the bedroom and foyer, but still).

This also means that you are having a great view of the city from the toilet as the bathroom has an incredibly big window, too. Last but not least, let’s speak about the real highlight of this particular bathroom: The bathtub.

The Reverie Saigon Grand Deluxe Room Bathroom

Located in the middle of the bathroom right by the window, you’ll find a large marble bathtub, which faces a small flat-screen television and comes with those incredible views of the city. Honestly, despite the over-the-top luxurious style, this was definitely the coolest bathroom I’ve ever seen!

Breakfast at The Reverie Saigon

To my surprise, breakfast at the Reverie is served buffet-style. I would have rather expected a la carte here, but guests seemed to enjoy the buffet options.

The Reverie Saigon Breakfast

There were around a dozen different warm options, some Asian, some Western. Then there was a selection of the typical continental breakfast items, including pastries, breads, rolls, cold cuts, cheeses etc.

The selection of fruits and juices was top-notch, too. While there were a few more highlights, including sushi and made to order options like Egg’s Benedict, I wasn’t really blown away by the breakfast.

The Reverie Saigon Breakfast

The seating is alright and the service is too, but there’s hardly anything to get excited about.

Dining at the Reverie Saigon

Our rate at The Reverie Saigon was a little crazy to be honest. Thanks to a Leaders Club Unlimited membership, there was a 100 US-Dollar Food & Beverage credit (valid in all credits), then the booked rate came with another credit of 80 US-Dollar to be used in the hotel’s restaurants. We went for the Chinese option in the evening and ordered some of the fancy items on the menu, which were quite good, but not exceptional.

The atmosphere was plain strange though as the restaurant was just too much about style over substance, starting from the golden plates…

My other encounters with the food & beverage options were better in that regard. Poolside, I enjoyed a black hamburger, which was tasty.

The Reverie Saigon Lunch

Then I also had some spring rolls via room service, which were very good, too.

The Reverie Saigon Lunch

All in all, the food & beverage options at The Reverie are plentiful and the quality is very high, but prices are relatively steep, too. Not so much more than at the Hotel Royal Hoi An, for example.

Pool & Gym at the Reverie Saigon

Obviously, a hotel of the likes of the Reverie Saigon also comes with several recreation options. First of all, there’s a very well equipped gym. You’ll find all the necessary equipment for a proper workout here, from cardio machines to free weights.

The Reverie Saigon Gym

The gym isn’t extremely big, but I didn’t miss anything and there’s some daylight. You may also use assistance from a personal coach. Towels and water are available at your convenience, too.

The Reverie Saigon Gym

Additionally, the hotel comes with a spacious outdoor pool area. There are two different pools, but the one seems to be more for kids than for proper swimming. The bigger pool has a good temperature, but is a little too weirdly shaped to swim properly.

There are several nice loungers and cabanas around the pool though and you can also take advantage of food & beverage options here. Last but not least, there’s a spa, where you can enjoy massages or the sauna.

Overall impressions of the Reverie Saigon

The Reverie Saigon is without any doubt an incredible luxury hotel. The service is very good in nearly all areas, the location is great, too. The rooms are among the most crazy, but also luxurious ones I’ve ever seen. The food & beverage options are plentiful and the quality is very good, but at breakfast I would have expected a little more. The pool and the gym are on a very high level, too (not only speaking about the altitude). All in all, I’d definitely return if the hotel is bookable for a rate below 250 Euro as it’s definitely the most fancy hotel in Saigon. If you want to splurge for a special experience, then you should do the same!

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