Lounge Review: British Airways Lounge Milan

The British Airways Lounge Milan is one of several outstation lounges of British Airways. Sadly, the lounge is quite a disappointment. Read this review to learn more about the lounge at Milan Linate Airport.

If you ask me, the offerings of British Airways at outstation lounges is never great. I’m not extremely satisfied with other lounges like the British Airways Lounge Berlin-Tegel either. The lounge in Milan isn’t exactly better or worse, it’s just on the same low level. The biggest advantage definitely is that the lounge is located airside and not far away from the gates. However, when departing to London, you’ll have to pass the passport control after (!) leaving the lounge.

Seating in the British Airways Lounge Milan

The biggest disadvantage of the British Airways Galleries Lounge Milan is that there are no windows. the lounge is basically one big and dark room with a few areas, which are only slightly separated. I wouldn’t describe the interior as particularly modern, but it’s not old and worn either.

British Airways Lounge Milan Seating

The design is relatively close to what you’ll also find in the BA Galleries Lounges in London, but the interior feels a little cheaper in comparison.

British Airways Lounge Milan Seating

The lounge comes with several couches, typical lounge armchairs, some communal tables with basic chairs and a few dining tables with two chairs each. Everything looks a little mismatched and the dark interior doesn’t add that much charm to a dark lounge either.

All in all, not the most cozy place to spend your time, but better than the dull airport building.

Buffet of the British Airways Lounge Milan

If the seating isn’t great, maybe the buffet? Well, no. The British Airways Lounge Milan comes with a small buffet area in the center of the lounge. Basically, there just a couple of different snacks available.

British Airways Lounge Milan Buffet

There are some cold starters like packaged salad, a small pizza piece of sorts, some finger sandwiches, croissants and a few sweets.

That’s basically everything you’ll find in this lounge, quite bad for a lounge in a great food country like Italia. The selection of drinks is slightly better with the typical soft drinks, water, juices as well as wine, beer and spirits.

Nothing is really high quality, but it’s not the cheapest stuff either. All in all, the buffet of the BA Lounge Milan leaves a lot to be desired anyways.

Entertainment in the British Airways Lounge Milan

Speaking of the entertainment, there’s not a lot to complain about in the British Airways Lounge Milan. Upon entering, there’s a small business center with two computers and further to the back of the lounge, there’s an even bigger business center with several computers and even a larger communal work desk.

British Airways Lounge Milan Business Center

In these areas, you can also find plugs to charge your devices (normal European plugs). Other than that, there’s a selection of mainly British newspapers and magazines and free WiFi, which works alright, but could be improved a bit in my opinion.

Overall impressions of the British Airways Lounge Milan

In defense of the British Airways Lounge Milan: The whole Linate airport is a dumb and should have been renovated a couple of decades ago. It wasn’t and thus it’s not surprising that the BA Lounge isn’t any good either. The seating is relatively old and not particularly stylish. The dark atmosphere without any daylight isn’t inviting and the food options available are another disappointment. The lounge is still nicer than the terminal itself, but it’s everything but a great lounge other than that.

Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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