Airline Review: LATAM regional Economy Class

The LATAM regional Economy Class is one of the best ways to get from A to B in South America. While I wouldn’t say that LATAM offers an industry-leading product, the experience is good enough. In this review, I’ll explain what you can expect of flying with LATAM!

Even though LATAM and me don’t have a particularly amazing relationship, I don’t see a lot of good alternatives in South America. This is why I’ve also already reviewed the LATAM Economy Class in the Boeing 787, the LATAM Business Class in the Boeing 787-8 and the Business Class in the Boeing 787-9. My flight in the regional Economy Class from Lima to Cusco was the most special one though. Even though everything started normal, the pilot decided to turn around when we were descending into Cusco. Instead of landing, we flew back to Lima and departed another time three hours later, finally making it to Cusco. Thus, I also had the chance to experience two different LATAM aircraft.

Seating in the LATAM regional Economy Class

LATAM is using Airbus family aircraft on regional flights. We ended up flying two Airbus A320 from Lima to Cusco. Interestingly, the two planes came with a different interior.

LATAM Economy Class Airbus A320 Seating

The first had somewhat older grey leather seats with red headrests, while the other plane had plain dark seats, which reminded me a lot of the British Airways regional Economy Class.

Both seats were fairly well padded and had an adjustable headrest, making the seats comfortable enough for an one hour flight. The seat width was the norm for regional flights in the typical 3-3 configuration. The seat pitch was slightly better in the newer aircraft, but was relatively good in both jets.

The condition and the cleanliness of the aircraft and the seats was spotless on both flights. All in all, the flight experience in the LATAM regional Economy Class is comfortable enough, especially for shorter regional or domestic flights.

Catering in the LATAM regional Economy Class

Even though LATAM is supposedly the full-service carrier in South America, the airline still doesn’t offer complimentary catering. Instead, there’s an extensive buy on board menu.

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I’m actually a fan of this system as you can get way better snacks than with included caterings, the choice is better, too. In the case of LATAM, the menu is quite nice and comes with a wide variety of nice snacks.

LATAM Economy Class Airbus A320 Food

We decided to give one of the sandwiches a try and liked it very much. The prices are fair enough, so the catering experience on-board LATAM flights is absolutely fine. Nothing to get excited about, but totally fine.

Entertainment in the LATAM regional Economy Class

An area where LATAM definitely shines is the entertainment selection. First of all, there are overhead screens showing the flight route and a board magazine.

LATAM Economy Class Airbus A320 Entertainment

More importantly though, LATAM also offers streaming entertainment. With your device, you can connect to the WiFi (no internet though) and use the streaming services.

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You can watch the flight map, watch various movies, sitcoms and even various YouTube channels. For a regional flight, these offerings are truly amazing.

Overall impressions of the LATAM regional Economy Class

Even though a lot of things went wrong with this flight, the experience in the LATAM regional Economy Class was actually quite good. The aircraft are modern and in a good condition, the seats are comfortable and come with a very good pitch. The catering offerings, while not complimentary, are of good quality and the entertainment is industry-leading for regional flights. Sadly, the service on the ground is not on the same level. Frequent Flyers don’t really get any benefits with LATAM either. That aside, flying with LATAM on shorter flights is a good experience.

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