Transportation in Ankara

Transportation in Ankara is well organized with a system of buses and a well-developed metro system. In this transportation guide we’ll explain what you need to know about getting around in Ankara!

Ankara is not only Turkey’s capital, it’s also the second most important city after Istanbul. Thus, there were some major investments in the last years, making Ankara a very accessible city. There’s a modern airport far outside the city center, a train station connecting Ankara with suburbs and other cities in Turkey and a well-developed bus network. Ankara also has Turkey’s second biggest metro with currently five lines. In this guide, we’ll explain what you need to know about all means of transportation, which help you getting around in Ankara.

Metro in Ankara

The metro in Ankara is a well-developed and modern underground system. The first line was inaugurated in 1997 and since then, the system developed to a full five lines. Another line, which is supposed to connect the airport with the city, is currently in planing stage. While the metro network is fast developing and in a very good condition, it’s a little odd that there are no stops at all in the diplomatic quarter in the South of the city, where all important state facilities and many luxury hotels, including the Hilton AnkaraSA, are located.

Metro Ankara

When checking for your metro line, be aware that the “first” line of the Ankara Metro is actually called Ankaray, with the other lines being numbered M1 to M4. The new line to the airport will be line M5. All lines except M3 (an extension of line M1) operate in the city center, with lines A, M1 and M2 sharing Kızılay as an exchange station. The recently started line M4 is supposed to be extended to Kızılay in the future, too. Using the metro in Ankara is easy as you can either buy day passes or single tickets at the vending machines. Fares are generally low.

All metro lines in Ankara:

  • Line A: Dikimevi ↔ AŞTİ
  • Line M1: Kızılay ↔ Batıkent
  • Line M2: Kızılay ↔ Koru
  • Line M3: Batıkent ↔ Törekent
  • Line M4: Atatürk Cultural Center ↔ Gazino

Buses in Ankara

In addition to the metro, Ankara has an extensive bus system, which is connecting the metro stations with other parts of the city. In some areas of the city, including the diplomatic quarter, buses are the only way to get around. The airport is also only connected to the city by public buses and not by the metro.

Bus Ankara

In the future, the new metro lines are supposed to replace some bus lines. At the moment, the bus systems has some older buses and some newer ones, which offer a Western comfort level. Using the system proofs difficult though as you can’t find many information about routes and the network online and in English.

Taxis in Ankara

If you don’t want to deal with public transportation in Ankara, you’ll be stuck with using taxis. Uber is currently not available in Ankara, the same is true for other car-sharing apps. Taxis allow you to get from A to B in the quickest fashion, but the cars aren’t particularly comfortable or in a good condition. I also didn’t find drivers to be very professional or driving very safely.

Taxi Ankara

Prices for taxis are not on the level of most European capitals, but aren’t cheap either. A ride to the airport will set you back approximately 40 Euro / 50 US-Dollar, which is also due to the distance of the airport to the city center. The base fare currently is 4 TRY (~ 0.80 Euro / 1 US-Dollar), while the kilometer fare is 3 TRY (~ 0.60 Euro / 0.75 US-Dollar).

Other means of transportation in Ankara

Ankara isn’t the most touristic city on this planet. Thus, there aren’t many alternative means of transportation. There are a couple of operators of hop-on-hop-off tours though. You may ask your hotel’s concierge for other options in case you are interested.

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